Marketing Automation and E-Commerce: How to Create a Perfect Strategy

Marketing Automation and E-Commerce: How to Create a Perfect Strategy

What connection exists between Marketing Automation and e-commerce, i.e. the online sale of products and services? Is it possible to create a strategy by integrating these two digital tools?

The answer is yes, of course with the support of experienced and competent marketers. To understand adequately how Marketing Automation and e-commerce can work in synergy guaranteeing a better sales flow, it should first of all be remembered that we can define Marketing Automation as a series of personalized emails addressed to specific users, registered in certain lists and respecting a precise set of requirements. These One2One communications are intended to increase the value of the so-called user experience, that is, the experience that the user lives in his relationship with the brand.

The Marketing Automation systems start operating after the user completes a certain online action: a subscription to the newsletter, fill out a form on a landing page, requesting more information, and so on.

The various warm-up phases typical of Marketing Automation software have specific objectives, aimed, in the final step, at the selling process: they build virtuous and lasting relationships between brands, leads and new/acquired customers; guarantee the uniqueness and precision of the message sent to users; they significantly increase the opening rate of Email Marketing campaigns.

In the field of e-commerce, each of these objectives is fundamental not only to finalize the first sale, which can also be on impulse or linked to a specific moment or need by the user, but to build an engagement constant and a relationship of trust with the company, and therefore encourage regular purchases.

How does a Marketing Automation flow for e-commerce work?

Brands that use e-commerce as a digital sales tool (exclusive or accessory) of their products will find it more and more useful in the near future to use advanced Marketing Automation software. This is because the flow of automated and calibrated communications on user lists will allow you to avoid intervening manually, allocating the time thus regained to other marketing or post-sale actions (such as customer care), which are clearly equally important.

In general terms, a good Marketing Automation strategy for e-commerce should include the following segments of action:

  • Once the user has been sent to their website or landing page, and once their data and authorization to process them have been obtained by filling out a form, the Marketing Automation software of amazon ungating service 2020 will send a welcome email.
  • Subsequently, and according to pre-established timings and methods based on the behavior of the lead, the user will be targeted with a series of quality communications, which focus on really interesting themes and topics, and which will allow to better know the brand, its mission, its values ​​, and its offer.
  • After the transmission of these fundamental notions, communicated in an engaging manner, and according to calibrated timelines, Marketing Automation provides for the sending of emails centered on offers and products of real interest to the user. In this sense, we will talk about content-related offers that are, linked to the contents previously communicated in order to be consistent or, alternatively, based on more generic but equally interesting offers.
  • Once the user has made the purchase, Marketing Automation will allow to keep the new customer “warm” compared to subsequent offers based on products related to the one of interest, and never random. Not only that: email marketing will (and should) also include valuable content (such as free downloadable ebooks, premium content, dedicated discounts) to increase brand loyalty.

A good Marketing Automation software, integrated into a broad spectrum digital strategy, will act as a “thermometer “of the relationship with the customer or the lead. Through processes such as A / B testing or the analysis of fundamental values ​​such as click-through rate, it will be possible to evaluate the strengths of your communications in terms of content, design, tone of voice and redemption, recalibrating the strategy “in race”, without standardizing it but, on the contrary, personalizing it on the behavior of the various user lists or even on the user.

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