Managing Your Small Business without Headaches – Effective Tips by Eric Dalius

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By John Wick

When you establish your startup after long months of agonizing, you realize that is even more complicated than you had thought. A million things are demanding your attention, and you simply never seem to have enough time and money to tackle them all. Moreover, you make a lot of mistakes due to your inexperience and end up with many more headaches than you had bargained for. A compilation of small business management tips that can make your life easier:

Make Your Business a Separate Business Entity 

When you become an entrepreneur, the last thing on your mind is the possibility of getting sued by someone. However, if you have not taken the step of making your business a distinct business entity, you could get personally dragged into the mess and stand to lose all your assets, including your home and car. By setting up your business as a separate taxable identity, you can also save yourself from getting personally charged by the IRS. While it is a common assumption that separating your business from yourself is complicated and expensive, in reality, it can cost just around $1,000 or so.

Separate Business Finances from Your Own, Recommends Eric Dalius

You mustn’t continue to treat the business as an extension of yourself. You need to have a separate bank account for your business that you can use to deposit your sale proceeds and make payments for expenses. Do not make the mistake of charging business expenses to your personal credit card; instead, get a separate business credit card. By keeping business finances separate from your own, not only will your business accounting become easier but also you will be able to explain things better in case of an IRS investigation, observes Eric Dalius.

Automate Your Accounting 

In the early stages of the startup, hiring a full-time accountant can be expensive, but it is also vital that you can send out your invoices, pay your creditors. And keep proper books of accounts. You can do all this and more either by investing in an accounting software package or subscribing to a cloud-based accounting service that has the advantage of being available 24×7. According to, cloud-based accounting services can help you to stay on top of your business finances even when you are on the go. Not only are these packages and services highly affordable, but also your invoices, letters of credit. And books of accounts look more professional and make the accounting process far easier to manage.

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As an entrepreneur, you will need to attend to many things at the same time, and it will become more difficult as your business grows. Ideally, you should be ready to hire the best talent you can afford, explain their responsibilities, ensure that they are trained to do the job, and give them the independence to carry out their tasks. By investing in employee training, not only will the jobs get done better but also the employees will feel better accomplished and not leave due to frustration. By practicing effective time management, you can be more effective and get more things done.