Makeup dos and don’ts

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Makeup is a powerful force. Some people use it to enhance their looks, others work to transform their look. It has become an important part of your daily routine, especially those working.

While everyone has their own choice of makeup –some want it subtle, some want it glamorous –and to each, their own, however, following principles of makeup is important for the sake of healthy skin.

If you do not follow the principles of keeping your skin healthy by following the correct makeup protocols, you risk skin problems; from banal ones to clogged pores to serious ones like breakouts and reactions that require the intervention of the Skin specialist in Lahore then.

Here are some of the Dos and Don’ts of putting makeup on that are bound to help you!

Don’ts of makeup

Don’t sleep in makeup

You are tired, the day was long, or you are just being lazy; the point is, it can be tempted to sleep in the makeup. However, this is extremely bad practice for your skin as it leads to clogged pores.

Furthermore, it also promotes harboring of bacteria, which causes skin problems then.

Don’t apply makeup to a dirty face

Make sure that your face is clean before applying makeup, otherwise, you seal the bacteria in when you apply your layer of makeup. Similarly, you also transfer the bacteria to your makeup as well.

Furthermore, when you apply makeup to your dirty face, you also pose the risk of breakouts as well.

Don’t forget to blend

Whether it be eyeshadow or blush, you should make sure to blend everything properly. Otherwise, it becomes stark and tends to stand out. Naturally, it doesn’t then look flattering then.

Similarly, make sure that your foundation is also well-blended and doesn’t appear patchy. Settle it properly on your skin. Don’t forget your neck and skin other than the face.

Dos of makeup

Do buy good quality makeup

You might be tempted to buy into the more and merrier makeup routine, but often, the cheap makeup products are packed with harmful ingredients like lead, paraben, etc. Therefore, do not be stingy when buying makeup; it’s the ingredients that matter.

Some drug store brands also have good products. So, just be sure to read the ingredients before buying makeup.

Do what you want

Everyone has a different personality, different requirements of makeup, and different features. You, therefore, do not have to conform to what a beauty influence is doing if it’s something that you are not comfortable with or does not align with your personality.

Hence, do not be shy about making your own style statement, as long as it is flattering you, go for it!

Do makeup in proper light

You do need proper light to do your makeup. You cannot otherwise ascertain if it’s too much or too little if it’s well-blended or not. Therefore, do not compromise on your lighting. Ring lights can be effective in this regard.

Do wash your brushes regularly

You do not need to wash your brushes after every use, that is not possible with our routine, however, be sure to wash them regularly. Often, people can forget this step, but dirty brushes and sponges harbor bacteria, that can then lead to problems with the skin.

You can wash sponges and brushes using dishwash detergent and oil, but there are plenty of specially formulated washing paraphernalia that you can buy as well.

Do patch test

Some makeup products can cause an allergic reaction. Hence, if possible, patch test first, especially when it comes to wearing base. Apply the product for a while, and if a reaction occurs, cease use, as it is not working well for your skin.

Some people may also have problems like contact dermatitis. If you have such a problem, you can work with a skin specialist via to ascertain the product and its solution.