Luxury and Wedding Car Rental Services

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Weddings are always a time of joy, and most couples always want to create long-lasting memories of the event. There is always a need to get the best cars for the newlyweds and their entourage. However, not all couples own Range Rovers or exotic SUVs. This is where wedding car rental services come in handy.

Wedding car rental services offer luxury vehicles that couples can hire. Aside from the cars, the rental firms offer exotic chauffeur services for an extra fee. This means that the couple can enjoy their day cruising in different locations.

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This article will look at wedding car rental services. We will discuss the types of cars available for hire and the pricing. We will also cover details surrounding the extra luxury services on offer in most car hire businesses.

Car Models Available

Nearly all couples dream of riding in a luxury car to their wedding. Typically, most couples pick limousines to carry the bride and groom. However, these days, there are plenty of classic SUVs available for hire.

Most wedding car rental services have the Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport, and Audi E-Tron Quattro, among others. The price of hiring the car will vary depending on the car model. For example, hiring a Range Rover Sport for a day may cost you close to $395 USD. However, this may be well worth it for your wedding day as it will create memories of a lifetime.

Extra Luxury Services

Most car rental services such as Milani Exotic Car Rental offer chauffeur services for their clients. You certainly don’t want to drive yourself to your wedding. The chauffeur services may cost you around $200 USD but will vary depending on the distance or hours.

The drivers are professionals and possess customer care skills, meaning that they will open and close the door to make you feel special. They will also ensure that the AC inside the car is conducive. We know how tense people are when going to weddings. Ideally, they will ensure that you are comfortable throughout your ride.

Hiring a Wedding Car  

Renting a wedding car can be pretty tricky, especially considering the number of vehicles you will have at your disposal. However, some pointers can help you settle on the ideal car. Number one is the budget. Different car models will be priced depending on how classic or luxurious they are.

The second thing is the size. SUVs are available in two-door or four-door. A four-door SUV is a perfect fit as it will offer plenty of room for the bride and groom. You also need to consider your budget beforehand. Don’t overstretch your budget when hiring a car for your wedding.

Bottom Line

Car hire services have advanced with the addition of more luxury cars. More rental firms are adding Ferraris, Porsches, and Lamborghinis to their yards to offer clients a more comprehensive selection. If you’re planning to enter the luxury car hire business, there are a few things you need, for example, enough capital and a proper location.