Looking for a new job? Here is why you should look at condos in Tempe!

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By Kaleem Ullah

If you are in the market for renting a new condo in Tempe, Arizona, then you might be wondering – where are the safest and the best places to look for housing? If you are debating the best areas to look for budget housing, consider checking out some of the safest neighborhoods in Tempe, AZ to move for your next relocation. Some of the safest neighborhoods to consider when it comes to getting a new job in this bustling city are Tally Ho Farms, Sandahl, Broadmor, Camelot Village, Dava Lakeshore, Daley Park, Optimist Park, and much more!

  • Sandahl – Are you looking for the best jobs in Tempe, Arizona? If so, then basing yourself in Sandahl is a safe and centrally-located spot that is going to be a good choice for young professionals and families. With a population of just under 900 people, this neighborhood has a median home value of $375,000, which is the fifth best in the entire city to look for condos in Tempe
  • Broadmor – The next location to consider living when you are looking for a new job in Tempe, Arizona is Broadmoor. This area is one of the top locations to move to for young families who want a bigger house and a safe suburb area, featuring a median home value of just over $335,000.
  • Camelot Village – The third neighborhood to consider moving to in Tempe is Camelot Village, the 1st ranking area in the entire city. If you want to benefit from the luxurious amenities and the bigger homes, browsing the houses for sale in Camelot Village can be the top choice for bigger families who want to relocate to an amenity-laden area. 
  • Tally Ho Farms – Another neighborhood that you should consider moving to if you are looking for a new job is Tally Ho Farms in South Tempe. Located right near the Ray Ranch Estates and the AltaMira neighborhood, this safe and aesthetic neighborhood has a population of just under 5,500 people – good for people who want a city feel without having too many people. With a median home value of just over $463,000, this is the eighth-best neighborhood in the entire city of Tempe.
  • Dava Lakeshore – The next location that you should consider browsing for houses if you are trying to secure a new job in Tempe, Arizona is Dava Lakeshore. This 2nd-ranked neighborhood that is located near Raintree and Sandahl contains just over 1,100 people and has a median home value of $173,000.
  • Daley Park – The last choice to consider when looking for the top area to move to while browsing for a new job is the Daley Park neighborhood, with a median home value of just under $295,000. This 16th-ranked neighborhood has a low population of just under 500 people and is nestled between Broadmor and Hughes Acres.


Are you looking for a new job in Tempe, Arizona? Consider checking out these top-rated neighborhoods in the city so you can get an affordable and amenity-laden house that is close to your new workplace!