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Do you know one of the best Off-Page SEO techniques is guest posting? It is the most powerful technique to grow your traffic. It is the best one of the best strategies to build your online presence and increase the traffic of your website. Guest posting will be a new term for people who are new and learning SEO. So, first of all, let me introduce the Guest posting.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting is the most advantageous off-page SEO technique. In guests posting a blog or website owner writes the content of the relevant topics and submit to other same niche blogs or websites to publish. Surely, using free guest posting sites is always more preferable.

What are the benefits of Guest posting?

Guest posting is known as the best off-page SEO technique to improve the ranking of your website.

  1. It is the best technique to get huge referral traffic on your blog or website. Submitting content on high authority domains is best to increase a large number of audiences. It plays an important role in getting top positions in search results.
  2. Guest blogging also increases the authority of your domain. Do follow backlinks from high-quality domains will create huge referral traffic for your website. No follow links from high DA sites also plays an important role in ranking your website.
  3. It is the technique to increase the PR of your business and brand online.
  4. You can also build a community on social media when your guest post goes viral.
  5. Guest posting will increase the email subscriber list and you will get huge traffic by submitting a blog on guest posting websites.

We hope after reading the benefits you will start writing content. Before starting guest posting there will be some questions in your mind. Why your competitor’s website will accept your guest post? Don’t worry we have the following tips to get fast approval of your guest post.

Tips for Fast Approval of Guest Post on Guest Blogging Websites

  1. Always email the website owner with a proper proposal for submitting a post on a guest blogging website.
  2. Follow the guidelines provided on those sites regarding content writing.
  3. Always choose high DA and High PA websites to write blogs.
  4. Don’t spam provide all authentic information to the website owner?
  5. Do keyword research of that blog website and use one of the keywords in your guest post. Doing this will get the approval of your guest post instantly.

Hope all the above tips will help you in getting an approval of guest post on Guest Blogging websites. We have tips for you to write the best guest post.

Things to consider while writing content for guest posting

  1. Open the selected website on which you want to write guest posts.
  2. Open the website and search the section of guest post guidelines. Most websites have sections like “write for us” or “submit your post” sections.
  3. Write content according to the given guidelines and rules provided by the guest blogging website.
  4. write free plagiarized content.
  5.  Read about a topic first before writing a guest post.
  6. Always use high-resolution pictures in your guest post.
  7. Use proper headings and subheadings, and write your content in style.

Quality articles will surely get instant approval on any high-quality PA and DA websites.

List of Guest Posting Websites for 2024

Niche: Business

  • Forbes – Submit
  • The Guardian
  • Mashable
  • Business Insider
  • Fast Company
  • Entrepreneur
  • Small Business Trends

Niche: Blogging

  • Vocal – Submit
  • Copyblogger
  • Creative Bloq
  • OutBrain
  • Digital Inspiration
  • Daily Blog Tips
  • The Blog Herald
  • Thesitegirls
  • Inc 42
  • Basic Blog Tips
  • Famous Bloggers
  • Blog Engage
  • The Work at Home Woman
  • Birds on the Blog
  • iBlogzone
  • Making Different
  • Hellbound Bloggers
  • Be a Better Blogger
  • iTech Code

Niche: Education

  • Edutopia
  • AppendTo
  • Tutor City – Submit

Niche: Fitness and Health

  • Health Line
  • Greatist
  • Brain Blog
  • CareKees
  • One Fitness

Niche: Marketing and SEO

  • Search Engine Land
  • Hubspot
  • Content Marketing Institute
  • GetResponse
  • Marketing Land
  • CoSchedule
  • Benchmark
  • MarketingProfs
  • OutBrain
  • Pole Position Marketing
  • Convince & Convert
  • Daily Blog Tips
  • B2Bmarketing
  • Search Engine People
  • TechWyse
  • Shout Me Loud
  • Inspiration Feed
  • Marketing Tech News
  • Sociable Blog
  • Hinge Marketing
  • Growmap
  • TechJeny
  • SEO Hacker
  • iBlogzone
  • iTech Code

Niche: Social Media

  • Socialnomics
  • Social Media Today
  • Social Media Examiner
  • Post planner
  • Viral Blog
  • TechJeny
  • Brand Driven Digital

Niche: Web Design

  • Smashing Magazine
  • A-List Apart
  • Site Point
  • Web Designer Depot
  • Hongkiat
  • Design Shack
  • Instant Shift
  • Crazy Leaf Design
  • CollectiveRay
  • Lake View Studios

Niche: Travel

  • Bodrum Travel Guide
  • Anew Traveler
  • Global Grasshopper
  • Jetting Around

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