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Portugal is a part of southwestern Europe situated along the Atlantic Ocean. The geographical reality is in its place, but it may be of interest to you that Portugal misses a neighboring country.

Beauty of Portugal

The same country belongs to Portugal, Antonio Gutters, which is widely discussed in the media. He is in Pakistan and we are also visiting various historical sites by attending the event so that he will get to know about our history, the culture, customs and customs of the region.

History of Portugal

We also travel to Portugal, the home of Antonio Gutters, who used to be a Muslim ruler centuries ago.


Only Spain is settled in the east and north of Portugal. They say that the inhabitants of this country, besides the Spanish border, see tumbling seas everywhere.

Neighbors of Portugal

It may be called a small country by region, but Portugal is important in different contexts in Europe. In ancient times, the area was used as a route and passage to Europe.

Old and Historic sites in Portugal

Historically this area has been a part of Muslim Spain. However, before this, there were different civilizations, whose artifacts date back to the Roman period, and are notable. In 868 AD, Portugal was converted into a Christian state, and in 1139 an independent monarchy was established here. Here Jews were once inhabited in large numbers.

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After 1910, Portugal began its journey to democracy. The 1974 revolution, however, had a profound impact on the politics and society of the country, and in the constitution, the head of state was elected president by the nation directly. The administration and arrangements of the country came into the hands of the Prime Minister and his cabinet.

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Antonio Gutters, who visited Pakistan, opened his eyes in Lisbon, Portugal, and began teaching as an assistant professor after completing an engineering education, but later abandoned it due to political engagements. The leader of the Socialist Party rose to the rank of Prime Minister of Portugal and today serves as the UN Secretary-General.

Rivers in Portugal