Last year, more than 400 women were subjected to Sexually Assault in Karachi

According to the annual report from the Police Surgeon’s Office, 330 men were brought under torture by the law after sexually assaulting women. According to the report, 138 children under the age of 18 were reported as abusive, 87 persons abusing these children were brought under torture of the law.

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According to the report, 7614 poisoning cases were reported in a year, besides 16011 attacks on the heavy device and 829 cases of the high-speed device were reported in Karachi. The report further said that 1158 shooting cases were reported from different parts of the city. The report states that only 3 centres are active in 9 Medico-Legal Centers in the city.

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Provincial Minister of Health Dr Azra Afzal also admitted that the province faces a severe shortage of medico-legal officers; doctors do not turn to medico-legal for fear of going to court and unfortunately, the doctor also participates in medico-legal commission tests. So it is understandable how the medico-legal officer vacancies will be filled.

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