Landscaping Supplies for Residential and Commercial Areas

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By John Wick

In addition to sand, soil, and masonry supplies, Rock Pros Landscape Supply also offers flagstones, landscaping supplies, and landscaping equipment. A landscape supply company is a perfect solution for anyone in need. Regardless of what kind of project you have, whether it’s a small residential challenge or a large commercial challenge, we can help. The products we offer are diverse. With our company, you can acquire landscaping materials of the best quality.


In general, PG&E sand is used for utility purposes only, not for decorative purposes, the exception being the pipe bedding and paver bases, which do not require a distinctive finish. Stucco is manufactured from plaster sand. This is one of the other reasons for plaster lathing. This concrete mix is ideal for volleyball courts because of its white color, and it is also easy to access. It is also possible to use concrete to produce lawn mowing borders by mixing it with plaster.


Other than Ebony Black and Oregon Eagle flagstone, we also offer a wide selection of other colors and finishes. Historically, quartzite gems were created by heating sandstone and cooling it to produce crystalline gems. We offer Flagstones that provide a variety of options for different types of landscaping.


Rock Pros Landscape Supply offers a wide selection of soil for your garden or the next project. Sand or gravel can be used to build sandboxes and grassy areas, and sand or gravel can also be used to make a sandbox. 50/50 blends are ideal for gardeners who wish to retain moisture and have good drainage in their soil. Organic matter in Grower’s Blend makes it ideal for improving the growing conditions in your garden.

We at Rock Pros Landscape Supply can help you turn your landscaping dreams into reality with our expert guidance and friendly advice. Aside from that, you shouldn’t spend a lot on it. We can show you how we’re different at Rock Pros Lincoln.