Know everything about the West Bengal Banglarbhumi Land Record Khatian Details

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By Kaleem Ullah

Each state in India maintains its repository of records regarding land, property, and plots. The online platform which functions as the storehouse of all land information WB (West Bengal) has been named Banglarbhumi. All land records of the state can be accessed through this web portal. Other activities like registration, land evaluation, and tax payments can also be carried out through this integrated platform.

The portal for WB land information was introduced by the Department of Land and Land Records along with the Directorate of Land Records and Survey, Government of West Bengal. It includes every minor and major detail regarding the lands and property of the state. Property-related details available here include:

  • The current owner of a plot or property.
  • The total area occupied by a property.
  • Value of that property.
  • Plot number.

All this information serves as an essential database during property transactions between buyers and sellers. Such land-record portals of concerned states can also be accessed to find the best cities and places to invest in land.

Services available on the Banglarbhumi portal

Land and property-related services on the official land record portal include: 

  • ROR (Record of Rights) application.
  • Land distribution.
  • West Bengal land record.
  • Digitization of maps.
  • ISU management.
  • Citizen-centric services.
  • ISU management.
  • LMTC and ARTI training.
  • Updates and maintenance.
  • Thika tenancy.
  • Rent controller.
  • State land use board.
  • India-Bangladesh border demarcation.

The portal also helps in accessing crucial land-related details while borrowing or extending home loans. 

The WB land record details maintained with this portal serve as a reliable source of the authenticity of a particular land/property.

Process of checking land information WB or Khatian online

West Bengal

Khatian or DAG number is a number allocated to a piece of land in the state of West Bengal. This number serves as a reference number when checking records and updates of a particular plot. A few simple steps can help you view these land records of West Bengal, which are detailed as under – 

  1. Visit the official site of Banglarbhumi.
  2. You will see an option saying ‘Know Your Property’ on the portal’s homepage.
  3. You will be redirected to a new page, wherein you will need to enter the following details- 
  • District.
  • Block.
  • Mouza.
  1. After you enter these details, you will need to select the mode of land record. The two options are Plot and Khatian.
  2. Enter a captcha code displayed on this page to authenticate access and view the necessary details.

The relevant WB land information will appear on your screen. An online portal with such dedicated services and precise information also assists owners to evaluate their property better. For example, with the provided updates, they can look for ways to improve the value of their property.

The West Bengal government also launched a dedicated app called Jomir Tothya to make land records accessible to all state residents. Through this app, the WB land information is provided in three different languages, which include Bengali, English, and Devanagari. The app serves as a great resource to verify and keep up with all land-related concerns in this state.

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Investing in a property is a remarkable financial decision. Thus, it needs to be backed with proper research. Banglarbhumi, with its detailed record-keeping, can thus help interested buyers look for an ideal plot or property that suits their requirements. 

Details regarding property costs can also be accessed from this portal. One of the remarkable advantages of this portal is that it enables individuals to assess a given property’s affordability.

In case the property charges surpass the buyer’s budget, he/she can apply for a home loan. The pre-approved offers provided on such funds render it easier and less time-consuming to proceed towards availing of a loan. Such offers are also available on other financial products, such as home loans. You can take a look at your pre-approved offer only with your name and contact number.

Keeping up with land updates, payments, and ownership has become way more convenient with the introduction of portals like Banglarbhumi. It also serves as a suitable platform to make informed decisions regarding property purchases and investments.