Introduction to cloud computing and their use in the business

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By Kaleem Ullah

Cloud Computing will be the future and it is one way to store every small and large amount of data in the present era. It conveniently initiates your application in various sectors throughout the globe within just some clicks away. 

Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider developed cloud computing in the 1960s with his work on ARPANET unites people and data from anywhere. In 1983, a small amount of disk space could store any files they chose to upload given by CompuServe to its users.

As a consequence, the consumer can undergo lower latency and low cost. Cloud Computing is the most pleasant way to store and obtain all the user data.

“AWS- Amazon Web Services” is the most popular cloud service platform for Cloud Computing. Many organizations and individuals adopt AWS all over the world, and at the same time demand for AWS Certification Training holders also getting increased, AWS is omnipresent the world. Also, it has been providing more than 100+services of many types. AWS maintains a highly safe, low-cost infrastructure, extensible platform in the cloud.

AWS has a variety of big data analytics and application services.AWS has the possibility of being the age-defining cloud service provider. It moreover takes the awareness and expectation of the cloud service providers. People are willing to cooperate with AWS due to the center of attraction built around it.

 To cater to the growing database of customers, these assistance providers look for skilled and expert cloud computing experts and pay them an attractive salary scale in place of their services. 

Cloud computing is the future of business applications and their solutions. With cloud-based assistance, we rely on remote servers for our technological support. Thanks to how cloud computing helps mobile admittance via smart devices, cloud computing holds people in the loophole.

How do businesses use the cloud and what are the advantages of cloud computing?

1: Infrastructure industry

With cloud computing, you can offer your customers the use of your infrastructure to treat their cloud services. Another alternative is to trade third-party infrastructure for building websites to improve clients’ products furthermore services.

2: Platform as a Service

Alternatively, you can strive your platform to clients within cloud computing. The most excellent online platforms run on cloud computing today because they are available to anyone connected. Companies are continuously shifting to the cloud to excrete the need for computer hardware in their offices, decreasing their IT cost.

3: File Storage

File storage is a nearly everyday use for cloud computing. You can stock pretty much any cloud file, and if you require restricted access to your files, private cloud services can be performed highly secure. Cloud storage is only limited to the highest storage available from your provider.

4: Data Backup

Data backup is also of the most beneficial industry by cloud. At the same time, you can backup your computer or a drive; either can be physically damaged in a storm, flood, or fire. The cloud offers you a place to backup data away from your locating and holds data safe in a safe atmosphere. If required, you can also give these backup files to other parts of your team.

5: Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, you can retrieve your files, programs, and data from the cloud as long as you have a computer and an internet connection. Cloud computing is an attractive way to safeguard your necessary business data for improvement later on.

 6: New Projects Testing

Tech companies usually use their company’s private cloud data to test new applications or methods before they see the light of day. An engineer can set up an analysis program on the cloud, add data sets and then run the data through the program to find any leftover problems before proclaiming it available to transfer to a client.  Once the test is done, the cloud space is surrendered back to the pool.

Cloud Computing Service is the beginning of a bright future for your organization, making your business run successfully without any storage issues. Cloud storage enables you to expand your business all over India. You can store and handle your business through it, and everyone allows users can access the data from anywhere and anytime or can do further, which is a good sign of your successful business.

7: Increasing Collaboration

Collaboration within your organization and with other organizations has grown a global concern. Cloud computing improves collaboration safety no matter anywhere your collaborators are because you can all access the project files on shared cloud space. This type of collaboration can be done privately till you can produce your finished work to public attention. 


Even if you are working from home with other people from your company, the cloud advances more chances to work 24/7 with your partners without any constraints based on possible resources. If you are interested or certified in the AWS, before applying for an AWS interview you must read AWS Interview questions and answers