Innovating a Load of Lemons

You’ve heard it said, “When the world gives you lemons, make lemonade.”  Well then, when the world gives you lemons, who in the world would consider making a Lemon-Basil Mojito Mocktail?  Certainly, that person would have to not only be creative but perhaps have a mind with pathways very different from that “lemonade group”.

The presidential election of 2020 certainly was an event that many flag-waving, boat-parading, rally-attending Americans felt was a load of lemons.  But how do you make lemonade from this load?  Enter the Lemon-Basil Mojito Mocktail mind of Jovan Hutton Pulitzer known as the Father of mobile scanning and Scan Commerce, Scan Connect and Scan Detect.

Jovan Pulitzer is a unique character, to say the least.  He sees everything in the world as an opportunity to create something new.  Walking with him in the green grasses of Kentucky, the conversation quickly shifted from multimillion-dollar Kentucky Derby champions in the background, to biometrics, health, and biometric stickers.  Very few topics at hand didn’t turn into an innovation.

Since late in the campaign month of October 2020, the mind of Jovan Pulitzer has been innovating American elections.  Even prior to November 3rd, Jovan’s brain had grabbed hold of an interview of Bernie Sanders on The Late-Night Show with Jimmy Fallon, in which Bernie

Jovan’s brain had grabbed hold of an interview of Bernie Sanders on The Late-Night Show with Jimmy FallonSanders prophetically predicted the events of November 3rd through about November 10th with nearly exact precision.  And like a pit bull with a jaw full of beef shank, Pulitzer grabbed hold of the topic, and just started shaking it, researching historical information, voting systems past and present, vulnerabilities of both product and process, and players, both villainous and heroic.

One might wonder what this kind of information churning in the mind of a futurist visionary inventor with a slight twist of mad scientist might yield.  From what Pulitzer is willing to share at this moment in time, it will yield the most secure, un-hackable, paper-based, instantly auditable voting system ever devised since the dawn of the American republic.  And from what evidence has produced since November 2020, Pulitzer might just have the one innovation that could SAVE this republic.

Pulitzer’s innovation demands, as does the majority of voting Americans, that a voting system be based on physical paper.  “This country was founded on an incredible piece of paper, meaning the Declaration of Independence, and I’ll be damned if our country is going to hell in a handbasket because of an official piece of paper called a ballot because we don’t do it right.” Pulitzer has continued since November 2020, to collect data and evidence that condemns voting systems that have been certified across the United States.

“This is not a computer or computer programming problem.  This is a standard and procedural problem.  Any voting system which requires the American public to trust a few computer scientists and questionable corporate executives constitutes a deeply flawed public policy.  The real problem is we have created a voting system controlled by ‘someone other than the public!” 

Pulitzer further described American voting systems certified in many precincts throughout the U.S., “If we are going to take back our vote, we cannot depend on others to do it for us.  This [current] system is only going to build corrupted stuff…For example, there are systems now that print out a paper receipt.  In court, that receipt does not have legal standing as a vote, only the ballot does.”

“You don’t have to rig elections to get people to lose their confidence in voting,” Pulitzer states.  He further explains, the votes scanned into these current systems store images to be tabulated later, describing with a multiplicity of examples, a system that is painfully vulnerable in far too many different ways.  “When I saw this and I knew what was happening, and I knew I could plug it.”

Pulitzer’s voting “Mojito Mocktail”, as it exists in his brain, does exactly this.  According to Jovan in our latest conversation, this system will be completely paper-based, will be extraordinarily simple, will cost a fraction of what current systems cost, will be one hundred percent accurate, will be instantly auditable, and will be the answer to demands of all Americans, regardless of party.  And I was assured, once this system is built as described, it will truly turn the power back to the people. With this envisioned system, people at the very core of securing an election, right down to the precinct captains and observers, will be confident and know that every single ballot cast will be a verified legal paper ballot.

Since November, there have been many other revelations regarding the 2020 election.  Each

Scan Commerceand every day Pulitzer is hard at work plugging the problems, as he self describes.  From the ongoing audit in Arizona to potential audits in other states such as Pennsylvania and Georgia, Pulitzer is putting the technology into peoples’ hands to verify the votes.  The man who literally patented the ability of each human who holds a smartphone to scan all types of codes, including QR codes, UPC, and other bar codes, is putting a higher level of scanning into the hands of people who want secure, legal, and fully transparent elections.

On December 30, 2020, during a Georgia Senate Judiciary Committee meeting regarding the November 3rd election, Pulitzer unveiled to the committee and to much of the world, his new tech of scanning for “kinematic artifacts”.  Britannica describes kinematics as a “branch of physics and a subdivision of classical mechanics concerned with the geometrically possible motion of a body or system of bodies without consideration of the forces involved (i.e., causes and effects of the motions).”  The friendly mad scientist, Jovan Pulitzer, more simply describes kinematic artifacts as the historical, unchangeable marks made in material or matter like paper, for example, which will permanently maintain physical alterations such as folds, wrinkles, human-created ink marks, machine printing, and misprints.  He explained that kinematic artifacts are simple physical evidence that can be scanned, read, and discerned to separate legally cast ballots from any other pieces of paper fraudulently created or cast.  This technology, if present in Pulitzer’s dream voting system, would utterly secure any future elections using such a system.  In fact, one would have to argue that any state, county, or precinct unwilling to use such a system could be viewed, at best, as derelict in their duties as public servants to secure elections, or at worst, flat-out willing to run fraudulent elections with participants willing to cheat.

“The bottom line is if our country was founded on a piece of paper, called The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution, The Bill of Rights, the whole bit, everything is about the paper, period.”  Just within the past few weeks, the country has seen people spilling into the streets in Arizona and New Hampshire demanding transparency, demanding to know their vote counted and demanding the process be put into the hands of people capable and trustworthy of the task.  The signs in New Hampshire clearly pointed to Jovan Pulitzer as that man, literally petitioning their local government to employ his technology to set their restless hearts at ease.  This wizard inventor, scanning architect, futurist, and slightly mad scientist, might have the mind and the product to save the United States of America.  It might not be a literal Lemon-Basil Mojito Mocktail, but it could certainly be the recipe to restore truth and validity to America’s election system.

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