Indian Actress Sejal Sharma Commits Suicide

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Indian Actress Sejal Sharma Commits Suicide

Indian actress Sejal Sharma committed suicide for personal reasons.

According to Indian media reports, Sejal’s family lived in Udaipur, India, while staying with friends at the Royal Nest Society in Shivar Garden on Mira Road (East).

A friend living with her told me that I was trying to call her but she was not answering so that I feel something wrong and I broke the door and found her hanging on a trap. She transferred to the hospital immediately but couldn’t survive.

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According to the police, they found a letter from her home in which she wrote that she is committing suicide due to personal reasons. Police also told that she commit suicide due to depression.

Sejal Sharma worked with several Bollywood actors in TV commercials. Before coming to TV, Sejal Sharma was the world’s leading face of advertising. The sequel, also known for the famous TV drama ‘Dil To Hapi Hai Ji’, has also worked on a web series called ‘Azad Parindy’.