How to wear a necklace set: a style guide

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By Kaleem Ullah

Jewellery has always been an integral part of Indian culture. Every Indian occasion and event calls for some dazzle and bling. Styling Indian jewelry is certainly an art. But with fashion trends picking momentum every week, it can get confusing and overwhelming to style them. The diverse range of Indian ornamentation available also does very little to help. However, over time, one will undoubtedly evolve a personal style and demeanor when wearing an Indian jewelry necklace set.

The Indian necklace set is the most essential feature of styling jewelry on oneself. A typical necklace set consists of a choker, collar, matinee length, and bib. Various individual necklace sets are also available to keep up with the rising trends, like choker sets, antique necklace sets, Kundan necklace sets, polki necklace sets, etc. A traditional Indian necklace is inspired by various elements in India like nature, architecture, and deities. It is common to be dazed with the numerous variations and trends surrounding us, but here is a styling guide to help you start somewhere.

Choker necklace set

A choker is a versatile piece of jewelry and can be styled with modern and traditional fits. Hence it is no surprise why it is a mandatory piece of jewelry in everyone’s wardrobe. While one can never go wrong when wearing a choker necklace, finding the right one according to your fit and occasion can be challenging. It is a predominant piece of jewelry in India and can be styled according to one’s choice.

Traditionally in India, a choker is a piece of base jewelry around which most of the necklaces are layered. Indian choker typically consists of traditional designs inspired by temples and Indian deities.

Kundan necklace set

A Kundan necklace consists of one or more strings of gemstones sandwiched between gold foils. The bright colorless stones match everything and are the ideal choice for any occasion. There are also a variety of color options available in the market today. A colorful coloured Kundan necklace with a modern motifs pattern can spice up an attire.

Only a Kundan necklace can give a regal look to anyone wearing it, which can not be attained when wearing any other set, and hence it is no surprise that it is the most favored.

A long Kundan necklace can act as a matinee length necklace while layering and contribute to a stellar vibe for anyone wearing it. Layering necklaces look effortlessly stylish and add an extra oomph to the overall appearance.

Polki necklace set

Polki is the combination of big uncut diamonds and precious stones together. Adored for its minimal and simple look, a polki jewelry set has picked up a pace among Indian brides in recent times. A polki necklace can act both as a chunky piece or a minimal double-layered piece. This jewelry piece is sure to add the necessary bling and shine to the field of vision.

Polki necklace set

A polki necklace set can emphasize anyone’s look because of its rich and royal outlook. The best combination for a polki necklace is pearls which can be then teamed with a bright outfit.

Antique necklace set

This beautiful relic, gold-toned jewelry has a loyal set of allies because of its vintage charm and allure.The matte-finished product has everyone on their knees because of its capacity to complement any traditional outfit. An antique necklace set carries an incredible festive vibe and is preferred over everything else for weddings. Most south Indian brides prefer a piece of antique jewelry set for their wedding that helps them feel royal and unique.

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Harams made with antique jewelry are pretty trendy. These harams come with lockets of common Indian deities and are a great piece of jewelry to own. Hence, a kanjeevaram saree and an antique necklace set are a match made in heaven.

Pearl necklace set

A pearl necklace not only has a long-standing history for its status symbol but is also known for its classic charm. This piece of jewelry can transform anyone’s look from feminine to electric in a jiffy. A pearl necklace paired with an organza saree can add a nostalgic edge to anyone and is highly appealing. Minimal pearl necklaces can also be used as daily wear.

Often, pearls are an easy and gracious way to layer neck jewelry. Sub varieties such as Teenlada (three strings), Panchlada (five strings), and Satlada (seven strings) are available in the market today to make layering effortless and chic.

Meenakari necklace set

Meenakari consists of the process of enameling the surfaces of metals by coloring and painting. A meenakari necklace is timeless and traditional and is the ultimate choice for modern-day-inspired weddings. It is heavily inspired by nature, and hence a variety of floral designs dominate each piece with minimal pearl detailing.

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A meenakari compliments a pastel outfit like a charm and is highly refreshing and soothing. The intricate designs are a perfect choice for the neck as they frame the appearance perfectly.

Pachi necklace set

Similar to kundan, a pachi necklace is mostly the silver version. This rising star has replaced traditional gold ornaments and is mostly preferred by youngsters. South Indian pachi jewelry is, however in gold and is distinct from Kundan. A typical pachi necklace is studded with precious stones combined with intricate gold designs.

It is an expressive piece of jewelry and often acts as a statement piece in a layer set or individually. It radiates elegance and is loved for its ethereal look. A pachi necklace can transform any day look into a night look effortlessly.

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