How to Tell When Assisted Living May Be Right for You

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It is not uncommon as we get up there in age to wonder if it’s about time that we made some radical changes in our lifestyle. As the years go by, many of our friends and neighbors have either migrated south to the land of sunshine, moved in with their adult children or downsized to a condo in a senior retirement community.

However, none of those sound quite like what you feel you need at this stage in your life, so you are weighing your options and considering taking up residence in an assisted living facility. Perhaps if that thought has crossed your mine more than once, there are very good reasons why this might be the optimum choice for you.

What Brought You to This Point?

As much as you’d like to maintain an independent lifestyle, you may be noticing that you can’t do all the things you once did. Self-care is getting more difficult by the day and there are even times when getting in and out of your clothing is a major obstacle. Perhaps you lose your balance when trying to get a leg in your pants or maybe you can’t bend well enough to tie your shoes. Taking out the garbage is another monumental feat and sadly, you have few friends left in the neighborhood because they’ve all moved away long before this.

If you find that you can’t manage a quality of life you’ve always enjoyed here, there’s no reason to think you can do any better in a condo on a Florida beach. The best option for you just might be senior living with on-site nursing and care workers who can help you remember when to take your medicines and provide related services to help you make it through the day.

Health Concerns That Need to Be Managed

Remembering to take your medications as prescribed is only part of the concerns you have with your health. Maybe you’ve fallen, resulting in a broken hip and subsequent hip replacement. Maybe you are suffering from memory loss which has yet to be diagnosed. If it turns out to by Alzheimer’s disease, there’s no coming back. However, if it’s memory loss due to advancing age, therapeutic sessions with memory care specialists might help you to recover many of those memories you’ve lost along the way.

Regaining That Sense of Community

Some of those very friends you may be missing just might have taken up residence in the very same assisted living facility you are now considering. Getting older can be extremely sad when the friends you once spent quality time with have moved on to greener pastures. Whether your friends are living in the same residence you are considering or you begin socializing with new friends you are making, that sense of community is something you’ve been missing these past few years.

There are millions of others just like you in this country which is why senior living residences have become more numerous with a higher degree of services and amenities. If you are struggling through your everyday life, it probably is time for assisted senior living.