How to remove car scratches easily

Car scratches are a problematic thing for any car aficionados. Getting your car scratched is an easy task in India’s chaotic traffic conditions. But how to remove car scratches is the problematic part. Even when you can get the perfect match of the shade of color, applying the paint is not as straightforward as most people would make it out to be.

Com-Paint makes the job of selection of the paint an easy task with their computerized system where one chooses the brand, model, and color as per the registration certificate of your car, but one still needs to know how to remove car scratches. In case you have opted for the traditional method of choosing your spray paint as per the knowledge of the vendor, you need to compare the color before you start the job of eliminating the car scratches.

The easy way to do so is to spray paint on an enclosed area of the car like under the hood or the car door sill. Spray a small part of this area and let it dry off completely to check if it matches perfectly with the rest of the color of the car. In case it does not, then you are back to square one and need to speak to the vendor or take the more natural path of buying one spray paint can from Com-Paint who provide 100% guaranteed color-matching with no human error involved. If you apply the makeup directly on the car scratches without checking, you might be creating a bigger problem than you already are facing.

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Then one needs to prepare the surface by washing the car scratches area and remove any dirt, loose rust, wax, and polish as well as the old paint and dry the area properly. Also, it is a good practice to mask off the area of the car scratches that need to be refinished. The masking could be done with even old newspapers placed over the surface to prevent overspray on the other areas. 

For minor car scratches, using a wet emery 2500 pad to rub the area gently will make the scratch disappear and make the surface smooth and dull. For deeper car scratches say due to stone chips where the metal surface has been exposed, you will need to fill up the area with a filler to make the surface smooth and allow it to dry completely. Rub this area gently next with a wet sandpaper 400 pad to make the area uniform with the rest of the adjoining surface. Now clean this area with a clean cloth before you start the spraying work.

If using spray paint, do shake the can vigorously to mix up the paint properly before you start applying it uniformly in stroking motions to avoid any dripping of the paint. Using light coats will also help your color, not sag, and run. To do this properly, wait between coats for around 5 minutes to allow the paint to dry. And in the end, spray a coat of finish spray in a broader periphery of the touched up area to let any overspray redissolve and merge with the surroundings perfectly.

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