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By John Wick

How to promote a song on the radio?

One of the popular questions on many forums is how to promote a song on the radio and is it worth doing it at all? Most users are sure that this is nothing more than money down the drain. It is worth discussing this problem in order to understand why it is necessary to promote a musical composition, whether there is any sense from such advertising in the era of the development of the Internet.

The need to promote on the radio

Radio still remains one of the means of effective and easily distributed advertising, despite the high speed of development of Internet technologies. We hear radio everywhere: in public transport, in shopping centers and other places with a large crowd of people.

Through the radio, you can spread almost any information, if you find the program or heading you need on the topic. This information source covers a fairly wide public, which explains its effectiveness. But the greatest success on the radio has musical compositions, they are easy to remember and become more popular.

Why is radio promotion necessary? Thus, the musical group not only declares itself but also invites radio listeners to listen to their new track or remind them of the existence of old compositions that have lost their relevance. This is similar to the distribution of any other product: only in this situation, it is the musical composition that speaks about the group, and not vice versa. Advertisers usually use special videos that tell about the product.

In this situation, the advertiser:

  • thinks over the concept of the video;
  • emphasizes the main advantages and advantages of the product;
  • indicates other important facts.

That is, his task is to make the video stand out from the rest and have some memorable features, that is, it has a certain efficiency for product promotion. For this reason, creating such a video, the advertiser has a great responsibility for the distribution and understanding of the created clip; for this, voice information usually supported by memorable or original music that will definitely attract a potential buyer, and other media effects. And thus, all the necessary information should fit into a 15-second clip.

What does the promotion of a musical composition look like?

For a music track, the promotion looks a little different. The greatest responsibility lies with the group itself, therefore the melody, and the text, and the arrangement, and the sound quality are important.

  • The Naa Songs Telugu must be of high quality so that it sounds clear and without unnecessary noise on the air. No one will promote low-quality compositions on the radio, this can bring a loss to the radio station itself, therefore it is worth taking care of the clearest sound of the track.
  • It is important to find a good radio station with high popularity, which has a large audience and values ​​it. Only at such a station should you “shine” your tracks, otherwise, advertising will become just a waste of money. But if you have chosen a good station, but have not taken care of the high-quality recording of a track, it will dissolve among other compositions played on the air and will be screened out like sound trash.
  • For the popularity of the group and its track, it will be better if the composition is played at least several times at the moment of the greatest influx of the target audience. You can listen to it at other times of the day or night, but in those hours the popularity of the track will hardly change due to the small number of listeners.
  • Further, at the time of writing and releasing a song, you must understand whether it will be of interest to the listener. If you like it, this does not mean love for the track on the part of the others – everyone has different tastes, therefore either the theme of the song or its musical background should entice something.
  • Another thing that can ruin everything is the lack of proper sound production. This is what can help your composition sound better, in order to further attract not only the meaning of the text but also the design itself. The human ear designed in such a way that we perceive music better than the text itself.

But a little unfamiliar band would simply release the track on the radio. It can be heard by millions of radio listeners, if, of course, the audience of the radio station is so large, but this factor will not make the group or track more popular due to the fact that someone heard you on the bus, shopping center or somewhere on the street.

What can be done to make this advertisement effective?

For the high efficiency of such promotion, it is important that not the word of mouth, which you are counting on, but the real advertising work. After all, your music can be heard by many: your relatives, friends, acquaintances, maybe friends of acquaintances, etc., when they know for sure that you will be performing at the radio station. However, most people unfamiliar to you will not be able to take into account the composition you have heard, since no one knows either the name of your group or the name of the track and just a couple of memorized words will not raise your reputation. Radio promotion will ineffective and useless if you do not make yourself known in other media. If no one knows you as a musical group even before the track is played on the radio.

Further, it is worth considering the time that your track will play on the radio: if you order just a few plays, it will not make you more recognizable or popular. Today, many things heard only a couple of times on the radio are easily eliminated and become unnecessary and completely unnecessary noise. Only if the composition played for at least several weeks, several times a day, there will be at least some effect from such advertising. All the same, the effect does not seem as great as we would like it to be.

You will invest a lot of effort, money, and personal time to achieve music playback on a popular radio station, but you will remain unknown to anyone. Important! It is imperative that potential listeners know at least something about you!

To benefit from such advertising, you need:

  • “Light up” on the pages of Internet publications;
  • get on the pages of newspapers;
  • appear on TV screens;
  • even hanging a photo of the band on a billboard would also work well.

But how can you make radio promotion more useful to you?

  • You should hold a press conference on the radio, answer all the questions posed in the interview, and also play your own tracks from time to time during the event.
  • Simultaneously with the radio, you must also visit TV, show everyone your clip, tell about a new song in some TV show.
  • Open your blog or group on a social network, declare yourself as a talented performer who can bring something new to the art of music. You must “promote” yourself on the Internet, that is, have some kind of basic base, thanks to which potential listeners will learn about you. And this usually takes a lot of money, are you ready to go for it?

By the way, radio promotion will only have a positive effect if you are heard about it. If not, you shouldn’t waste your own money and engage in unsuccessful PR.

Initially invest in your promotion as a music group or artist, so that people talk about you and want to listen to you. Therefore, from the very beginning of your appearance in the world as a star, it is worth doing advertising and PR. To do this, it is not enough to arrange radio conferences or to show up on TV; for some, it may be a bad investment of personal funds. PR is extremely expensive, so keep in mind that to have a good reputation you have to pay a lot for it. Otherwise, unsuccessful PR campaigns can only spoil the audience’s opinion of you and further alienate the target audience.