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how to preserve mint leaves for long time?

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Mint is very useful for the digestive system.  It is commonly used for aroma in meals. But because of a delicate herb, it quickly deteriorates. However, it can be saved for up to 12 months by adopting a better method.

Mint is used to make salads, Raita, green sauces and many more. Its medical benefits are that it is being used to avoid acidity and indigestion. Because of the fragile leaves, it is often wiped out and damaged so it is a difficult task to preserve it for so long. Today is a very busy life, you cannot go to the market to buy the only mint, here in this article you will find ways to preserve mint for up to a year.

To prevent the mint leaves Mint can be stored in the refrigerator by wrapping it in cloth, towel or paper or in tissue. With this method you can only preserve mint for two or three days after that it will start to mold. Moreover, can also be a great option to find the best tips preservation.

How to preserve mint throughout the year?

To preserve mint leaves for up to 12 moths Separate mint leaves from its branches. Now wash these leaves two or three times with water. To dry mint leaves put it in a pot and keep it in a share for three to four days, no need to put the cloth on it. Don’t dry mint leaves in sunlight, because sunlight will change the color and taste of it. After drying mint leaves put it in an airtight container to preserve it for a long time. You can use this mint in any meal, this will give the taste of fresh and aroma of fresh mint leaves.