How to pick the right bracelet as per your style

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Bracelets have been around for centuries however it has adopted many forms from ancient times to modern and trendy designs. From stone bracelets to cartier love bracelet in 90s to todays thin bracelets. It is a type of wrist jewelry that is not just limited to gold and silver but has been refined so beautifully from grass and plant beads to the trendiest of jewels. When comes to styling yourself using accessories, bracelets can never go wrong as it can make you stand out in the crowd.

Also, it is a fun accessory as you can see them in front of your eyes all-time, unlike necklaces. It is one piece of jewelry that is not just limited to women but men from all over the world love wearing them on their wrists. You can carry them with both the traditional as well as a contemporary look to make a perfect style statement.

Today, a wide variety of materials are being used to craft stunning bracelets such as metal, cloth, plastic, and leather embellished with colorful gemstones, shining crystals, metal alloys, and pearls. Melorra gold bracelets, silver bracelets, diamond, and platinum bracelets are also loved by both men and women around the world. With so many varieties to choose from, it becomes difficult to make a choice that can suit your personality and lifestyle.

You can create and flaunt different looks by picking up the right bracelet that suits your style and personality. Here are some tips to fit the right bracelet into your wardrobe.


  1. The first and foremost thing is to understand what kind of activities you’ll be engaged in, where you have to go and what clothes you will be wearing. It is always good to have multiple bracelets in your wardrobe so that it becomes easy to sport them on any occasion. Some of the most common bracelets that you can buy from stores include

Bangles- They are typically circular-shaped having a simple or engraved designBangle bracelets with gemstone or diamond bracelets for women that have fine detailing provide an elegant look when worn alone and a sophisticated look when stacked with different bangles.

Beaded– They are arranged in a single or multi-row pattern, mostly stretchable, and feature colorful gemstones. They look great when worn in both arms by mix-matching them with other styles.

Handmade– It takes a lot of time to prepare these bracelets which add to their costs. They mostly come in the form of hand-forged silver or gold, to beads strung in varied combinations. Handmade gold bracelets are also given to loved ones as a token of remembrance as they are unique in their style. The handmade bracelet looks stunning and can grace any occasion.

Cuff– These types of bracelets are specially designed for men, however, they look equally good on women too. Cuff bracelets are inflexible circular or oval in design and generally fit looser as they are wide and chunky, with no clasp or closure.

  1. The other very important tip to pick and style the bracelet is to fasten the clasp properly. Ill-fitted bracelets do not look good and can make you feel uncomfortable.
  2. If you want to layer multiple bracelets and wear them, then it’s better to keep the scale of all the bracelets similar to avoid tangling or overwhelming a delicate bracelet with a chunky, heavy one. If the bracelet is sturdy, you can layer it and if the bracelet is delicate and precious, then remember simplicity is the ultimate sophistication so let it stand on its own.
  3. If you want to give a twist to your regular bracelet look, then you can mix and wear multiple metals like silver with gold or a bronze bracelet with a steel one.