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How to Pick a Feng Shui Bed Headboard

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By John Wick

When you’re looking at your bed and trying to decide whether it should have a Feng Shui Bed Headboard or not, one of the main factors that might influence your decision is the actual height of the mattress. The headboard will provide support for your mattress and it’s often much higher than the footboard, as well. Therefore, if you’ve got a relatively small mattress or a mattress that doesn’t quite fit into the wall, then a headboard is likely to be your best option.

Feng Shui Bed Headboard Frames

When shopping for a headboard, the first thing you need to consider is where you want it to go. Since it’s likely that you already have the basic bed frame and mattress, you’ll be able to simply attach the headboard to the bed frame without any problems at all. However, if your bed hasn’t been made yet, then you need to decide whether or not you want to buy a headboard Dubai separately from the bed frame, or if you prefer to buy the whole bed frame just so you can attach the headboard to it.

Style of headboard

However, if your bed is much larger than you’d like it to be, or you just prefer a more traditional style, then you might not have that much extra space available in your room and this can impact your choice of bed headboard as well. If your bed is narrow, then obviously you won’t be able to get a headboard that suits you. However, if your bed is wide, you really do have some space – you should be able to see over half the mattress. In such cases, the traditional mattresses with shorter legs may just be the right choice.


You can find headboards in many different sizes as well. Most people opt for king size headboards, as this provides plenty of additional space. Unfortunately, standard king size headboards aren’t that large, so if you have a smaller bed, then you will have to buy something a little larger, perhaps even up to a queen size. Fortunately, there are plenty of headboards available in all kinds of sizes, including twin, full, queen, and even crib sizes.

However, if you’re tall, don’t worry. As previously mentioned, the headboard for the bedroom itself does not need to be as tall as the actual bed. As a general rule, most beds are between six and eight inches taller than the average adult, so you’ll usually be able to get a headboard that’s around twelve to sixteen inches in height. Even if you’re really tall, you’ll probably still be able to get a good headboard that fits well.

wooden headboard

After deciding what kind of headboard you’d like, then you can begin shopping for one that matches the overall style of your bedroom, as well as the mattress that you have. If you have a lot of wooden furniture in your bedroom, then you’ll probably want to stick with a wooden headboard. As far as mattresses go, you can generally find them in twin, full, queen, king, and California king sizes. As for the actual measurements, an average-sized bed frame should give you about 12 inches of space on each side of the mattress, so make sure you know how much space your bedding provides before you go shopping.


There are actually several ways to pick a good Feng Shui bed headboard. The most important factor in picking one is obviously the material it’s made out of. While wood is always a good choice, the most common material used for these items is metal. Metal is usually preferable because it’s a more neutral color, and you can find it in all kinds of different styles and colors. It also has the advantage of being very durable and will be relatively easy to clean, although it’s also important to note that the metal won’t be as comfortable to sleep on as, say, wood would be.


If you want some good Feng Shui advice, you may want to go into home improvement and furniture stores and take a look at what different options there are when it comes to headboards. You’ll probably find that bed headboards are the most popular, but don’t be afraid to mix it up by choosing a wooden one. It may be a little more costly than the other types of wood available on the dubaiartificialgrass.ae , but you can be sure that it will last a long time and you can always paint it to match your bedroom’s decor. And you can always choose the simpler style of wood if you’re just looking for something cheap. The best approach is to mix and match and see what looks best with your overall bedroom theme.