How to Make Sure You’re Marketing to Gen Z the Right Way

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By Admin Desk

Generation Z is a highly connected, socially-minded group of consumers demanding brand authenticity. Like their Millennial counterparts, they are loyal to those companies that align with their values and believe in giving back.

Social Media

Gen Z is the most diverse generation yet and a highly socially conscious consumer. They want to know that their products support social values and inclusivity. This audience requires more than just eye-catching images and short videos. They have an attention span of eight seconds, so content must quickly deliver a message.

Showcase real customer stories and interactions to drive time-sensitive engagement on your social media marketing through Instagram Stories, Snapchat, and TikTok. Also, promote conversion-optimized influencer content to expand your reach and amplify the impact of your campaigns. With a tool like Sprout, you can manage both macro- and micro-elements of your strategy with drag-and-drop rescheduling. This helps you manage the ebb and flow of your organic and paid content without compromising your campaign goals.


Gen Z values authenticity, and it’s a key to marketing to this demographic. Having a clear set of values and being transparent with your audience when you promote products is essential.

For example, if your brand supports body positivity, it’s important to let your audience know that on all platforms. This can be done through social media by sharing photos and videos of real people who use your products and share their stories.

It also means being honest with your audience about your product’s limitations and ensuring transparency in your business practices. This will build trust and help you form a genuine connection with your audience. Additionally, 82% of Gen Z shoppers say they trust brands more when they show photos and video testimonials from actual customers.

Visual Content

Gen Z values authenticity more than any previous generation and can spot fake or overly staged content quickly. They also believe in sustainability and social responsibility, so marketing to this demographic is best done with visuals that highlight a brand’s commitment to these values.

When researching products, 95% of Gen Z shoppers look for photos and videos submitted by other consumers before deciding. They prefer this type of content over the photos and videos of the brand or retailer.

To capture and keep the attention of this group, marketers should use short-form video and image-based content that is informative and fun. Gen Z typically has an attention span of eight seconds, so your content needs to be compelling and convey your message quickly.


Gen Z cares deeply about company culture and values and is unafraid to call out brands that don’t live up to their standards. This is why influencers are a great way to reach this audience.

When partnering with influencers, pick the right ones for your brand. Aim for relatable personalities that reflect the same struggles and beliefs of your target audience. Influencers are more likely to succeed with this generation if they are genuine and entertaining in their content.

Gen Z is likelier to trust brands featuring real customer reviews and testimonials. In fact, user-generated content has a 32% higher favorability rating than traditional advertising.


Gen Z is a generation that demands more than just a sale. They are creative, and bold and create trends on platforms like TikTok and Instagram reels. This progressive digital native generation has a unique perspective on the world and is more interested in partnering with brands that share their values. They are the most diverse people with purchasing power, social influence, and a united voice, making them an excellent business target audience.

To make sure your marketing to Gen Z is effective, focus on your website and mobile app. Remember that this generation does their research, so it’s important to be transparent and authentic.