How to make money on music

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By John Wick

Performances are probably the most obvious, but not always the most important form of income for an audio mixing online musician on EKmixmaster. Especially at the beginning of your career or in those situations when your music is popular in not very wide circles, the so-called underground. At the same time, it is still possible and necessary to earn money by performing, but due to their specificity, they are not as frequent as with more popular styles and trends.

Of course, ideally, it’s good to focus on your favorite work, constantly hang out in the studio and periodically get out of it on weekends on tour, collect stadiums and return happy back with suitcases of money and again for your favorite business. But the reality is that, at best, you will get a place as a resident in a good, interesting institution with occasional arrivals of cool famous guests.

But in fact, not everything is as bad as it seems, the main thing is to do what you love and love what you do. Well, sometimes engage in the creation and support of additional sources of income, preferably close to your favorite business. And we will definitely return to the issue of promotion and talk separately, well, a little later.

What can and should be done now? Well, to be honest, practice is never superfluous and the more often and earlier you start practicing on real people, the better it will be for your development and wallet in particular. Therefore, the decision to break into the residents of a large or small club is a sound decision. But something still needs to be taken into account.

Place for constant performances

Look for a place that best suits you in terms of the musical component and the audience, if you haven’t decided, feel free to go to any commercial one. And even if you play and write deep underground, remember that getting a job in an institution where your music is not played is a job much closer to your favorite pastime than calling customers to sell kerosene or advertising, for example.

Payment for performances

Never, under any circumstances, offer or play for free. If you’re not ready yet, train, but don’t overdo it. The minimum bid, but it should be – so you learn to know your own worth and teach you not to knock down the prices of cunning promoters and art directors. There can only be one exception. If you find a place where your favorite direction is played and you like it there, even then find out the payment issues.

Regular performances, but not to your detriment

Don’t stay long in a place where you’re well paid, but you don’t quite play what you like. After a while, you will notice some decline in enthusiasm, even when playing for good money. It also affected the performances and the atmosphere of the dance floor. So for a long time playing the wrong music that charges you yourself harms your moral and physical health.

Therefore, as soon as you get into a nightclub and practice, earn money in it, but you don’t like what you bring to the masses, look in parallel for additional options with a view of resettlement. At least a year in places where you play not exactly what you like, and after that change the establishment. Listen to yourself, your heart, and do not be afraid of change).

How much you can earn: from zero to infinity, depending on your demand and relevance.