How To Get High Quality Backlinks For Free in 2022

Creating high-quality backlinks is the still number one SEO Strategy for every website owner or SEO services seller.

Backlinks mean a link to your website on another high DA authority website. Creating High-Quality backlinks is very important for getting high rankings on all search engines. Google prefers to rank high to sites that have links from high authority sites.

To appear in search results the first page you must have to create a lot of high quality backlinks. Getting backlinks is not very difficult but getting high quality backlinks is a bit difficult you need to be smart enough to create high quality backlinks. In this blog, we are telling how to create high quality backlinks for free in 2022.

9 Best Ways To get High Quality Backlinks for Free in 2022

1: Write High Quality Content

The high quality content attracts visitors very much. In a high quality content, a website owner publishes his own research, his own case study, survey, and much more.

You need to write content for your visitors don’t write for Google. Always write readable and informative content for your audience. If your content is unique and good your visitors will share your content and you will get backlinks.

2: Broken Link Building

It is the fastest link building technique. You can use the Broken Link Building technique to create high quality backlinks. But How?

Every top site on the internet suffer from the broken links. According to research, broken links create a bad impression on user experience and no webmaster wants to do that.

Here you can get the benefit of broken link websites. You need to find a top website related to your website after that search broken links in that website. You can find broken links by using some free tools and also there are many paid tools available that allow you to find broken links on a website. We will recommend the Ahref Broken Link Checker tool to find broken links in a website.

Broken Link Building Technique

After searching broken links on a website, contact the website owner and let them know about their broken links and provide them your content link and ask them to replace that link with your content link. You need to be friendly while contacting a broken link site owner and you will get backlinks easily.

3: Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is one of the best and most reliable technique to get high quality backlinks. The Guest posting will help you in increasing your website traffic and your social followers.

You need to find the best guest posting websites related to your business that allow guest postings. You can check 100+ Free Guest Posting websites or you can use google to search guest posting websites.

By Using google or any other search operator you can check the results and find the perfect guest posting website to submit your blog.

If you want to submit an article related to Travel then you can type ‘’travel + Guest Post’’ in the search engine to find travel blog posting websites. You can also write for our website you can become a contact writer at

How to Find Guest Posting Websites

If you found best and free blog posting websites submit a unique article related to your niche. Always add your social media or profile creation sites’ profile in your bio.

4: Submit Infographics

Infographics are the high demanding and easy to create high quality backlink creator technique and this helps a lot to get high traffic.

Creating infographics will help you in creating high quality backlinks. You have to find a trending topic related to your business or niche and create infographics on it and submit this infographic to famous sites.

If your infographic goes viral then it will help you in getting more high DA backlinks. Always submit your infographic on High DA sites for getting high quality backlinks from high DA websites.

You can use these top 10+ infographics submission websites to post your infographic in order to get high quality backlinks.

5: Promote Your Content

Users love to read high quality content if your site has high quality content on your website that you must promote your content. When you will promote your high quality content people will share your content and you will get high quality backlinks for your website and traffic will increase on your site.

Here is some of the ways to promote content

  1. Share your content on email.
  2. Share your content on Facebook groups and pages and Linkedin groups.
  3. Share your high quality content on presentation sites like Slideshare.
  4. Share your video form content on websites like YouTube and Vimo.
  5. Search sites running weekly or monthly promotion and send your content for promotion.

6: Write Reviews or testimonials

You can write reviews for sites of which you are using services. You can contact them and let them know about your experience and give them a review of their product. That service website will feature your testimonial and you will get free backlinks that will be on the homepage of that website and this will be a very high quality backlink for your website.

You need to contact those website owners whose services are tools you are using and send your testimonial and ask them to give you backlink.

Write Testimonial and get high quality backlinks

7: Get Interviewed

It is a hard thing to getting an invitation for interviews for newbies or beginners. You don’t have to worry you can simply contact sites that publish interviews frequently on their websites. You can let them about your knowledge if they found it helpful for their visitors they must publish it with your link and you will earn one more backlink for your website and you will get more visitors on your website.

8: Request Brand Mention Link

If you have high quality content on your website then you can content high ranked website owners and you can request them to give you link in order to mention your content on their website. You can use Google alerts to search which websites is using your brand name.

On some sites you will find that they have mentioned your brand name without a link you can contact them and ask them to give you a link against your brand name.

9: Find Backlinks to your competitor’s website

Find the source on which your competitor sites are creating backlinks. You can use the following tools to check the backlinks of your competitor’s website.

  • Ahref
  • Ubersuggest
  • Google Alert
  • Small Seo Checker

If you are using Ahref, use the link intersect tool to find the backlink details of your competitor’s website.

How to Find Backlinks of Competitor Website

Enter competitor’s URL in show me who is linking to section and leave blank ‘’ doesn’t link to’’ section after that click on show link opportunities and you will find all the domains that are giving backlinks to your competitor website.

Now you can understand that if your competitor can create a backlink on those sites you can also get backlinks from that domain. You can use a backlink analyzing tool to find all the techniques that your competitor site owner is using to get backlinks.

E.g.: If your competitor is getting a link from blog posting websites you can also write a blog on those sites and can earn backlinks.


The days have gone by when everybody was building links by simply submitting links. Today you need to be very smart to get high-quality backlinks because creating backlinks is a very difficult task if you are doing SEO in 2022.

If you are able to create backlinks easily then monitor those links as well it is more important than creating. There are many tools available that allow tracking Backlinks.

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