How to Fix Vape Pen Wires

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Wire difficulties are a common reason good vape pens quit working. Try a few easy fixes before throwing away your pen. First, empty the heating chamber of all trash. If the chamber appears clean, move the coil about in the chamber using a paperclip. Soldering or replacing the item is the only way to fix broken electrical cables.

sanitising the cables

Take off the heating chamber of the vape pen. The mouthpiece, or tank, is located at the top of the pen. To take it out, turn it anticlockwise. The heating chamber with the coil inside will then be visible. Maintaining the wire coil in place, pull it off in the same manner.

To remove any residue, let the pen warm up first. But before disassembling the pen, switch it off, and avoid touching it if it’s too hot.

Give the heating chamber a thorough cleaning:

 With the heating chamber inside, hold it in a trash bag. To remove any loose particles, first tap it on a solid surface, like your palm. Apply a light coating of cleaning solution to the interior margins of the chamber.

Many vape dubai pens come with cleaning brushes in the package. In most cases, you may order a replacement pen wherever they sell them.

To remove oil and wax from the coil, dab it with isopropyl alcohol.

Purchase an isopropyl alcohol bottle from a pharmacy or general shop. Instead of soaking a cotton swab, moisten it. The isopropyl alcohol shouldn’t spill into the remaining pen material. If the coil and chamber seem darkened or covered in debris, clean them with the cotton swab.

● When handling the coil, use gentleness. The most vulnerable component of the pen is that wire, which is frequently the reason why a pen stops working.

● To clean the heating chamber, never use water. Water will short-circuit it because of all the wires in it. You can clean the mouthpiece with water.

Screw the pen back together to test it.

Your heating components should appear clean and function properly again if you haven’t changed the wiring in a while. Before using the pen, screw the heating chamber back onto it. It should continue to glow and emit smoke as normal.

● Should it not function, either the pen requires additional cleaning, or the wire can be misaligned.

Method 2

Adjusting the Coil

Take apart the pen to look inside the heating chamber.

Take the pen’s mouthpiece off once more. Once the wire coil inside the heating chamber is visible, keep taking parts out. It will be directly above the battery-containing lowest part.

● Check to see if the pen is cool to the touch. If there is a coil adjustment required, the pen probably won’t heat up at all. If you sense heat emanating from the coil, stay away from it.

Check that the screws are in place. Two screws hold the coil into the heating chamber. Placing the coil in place above the battery is the first screw, which is located at the bottom of the coil. Attaching the coil to the heating chamber wall is the other screw, which is located at the upper end.

● Your coil probably isn’t in position if the screws aren’t. To get new screws, take it to a vape pen store.


Vape pen wire repair may seem difficult, but it’s completely doable with the correct tools and methods. You can fix broken wires and troubleshoot your vape uae pen back to peak functioning by following the instructions in this article. Throughout the repair process, keep in mind to prioritise safety and handle the item with care. Do not hesitate to ask for professional help or get in touch with the manufacturer for assistance if you run into any problems that are beyond your area of competence. Cheers to your vaping!