How to Close A Trade on etoro?

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By John Wick

eToro is an electronic trading service that offers a user-friendly user interface and mobile app for investors, particularly novices.

etoro monitors and distributes trade throughout the fields of commodities, resources, energies, and financial instruments using its computerized trading system. Customers agree to have all spending data sent to the etoro platform, in which they may access a range of analytical instruments, along with the sum of funds they spent. etoro can envision a link between a trading website and a social media page.

eToro is an electronic trading service that offers a user-friendly user interface and mobile app for investors, particularly novices. If you’re a newbie then you might want to take advantage of its demo account which you can access for free. But you might ask yourself, how do I open an eToro demo account? You can easily do that by simply opening a regular trading account which will then give you access to their “Virtual Portfolio”, the platform in practice mode.


eToro is a financial business that offers social investing as well as a variety of other products.

It is a well-known Israeli fintech business launched in 2007 as an online trading firm. The simplicity with which an end-user may engage in duplicating trade is the key feature of this unique system. Traders who wish to replicate and who follow risk-control regulations are part of the etoro system. The accessibility allows retail customers to immediately mimic the investing and investment behaviors of the most potential customers. It is important to note that copy-trading does not guarantee earnings or damages in itself.

Reasons for Closing a Trade

After you have established a futures contract, the important choice you will have to undertake is whether to end it. You can terminate an open trade by offering an alternative transaction on the same futures market you have in the account. Investors usually close trades for one of 3 reasons:

  • When revenue goals are met and the deal is closed profitably.

The investor who waits until the price hits the goal before placing their close trade could be capable of timing the conclusion of a rise to optimize gains, but the trader runs the risk of taking a position too prolonged and skipping the escape before it overshoots. The benefit of executing a close order ahead of time is that the investor is not required to be at the workstation when the order is filled. However, a trader who sets a trade ahead of schedule might leave before the move is completed, when they might have finished the deal outside for a higher profit if they had been tracking the change in actual environments.

  • Whenever the Stops criteria were met, the transaction is closed out at a deficit.

The second possibility for ending the trade is that the investor wants to safeguard their investment from significant damage, therefore they have put an order ahead of time to cancel the trade at a certain price known as placing a stop. Investors who set an exit decision with a stop loss beforehand will not need to be at the desktop to handle a deficit but may discover that they leave too early and are completed, only for value to swing back in their direction. If a trader looks for an exit indication in value, they may remain in a transaction too lengthy and lose more money than they intended. A dealer monitoring the marketplace instantaneously might be able to schedule an exit related to natural price movements and market fluctuations.

  • When a transaction must be abandoned to meet margin requirements.

Another cause to terminate a position is when a trader obtains a margin call and is forced to shut down their investment irrespective of market pricing. To help increase account margins, firms will either warm their clients or immediately sell the trader’s investments. When investors profitably terminate a futures contract, their balance rises. If a trader exits a futures contract at a deficit, the earnings are removed from the investor’s account and reduced. When a transaction is completed, the margin utilized for that transaction is no longer required, and the investor can use that margin to execute new derivatives transactions. Investors will often start receiving summaries detailing the transactions they have made, as well as any ongoing transactions and monies left in their accounts.

The Procedure of Closing the Trade on eToro

You can only close deals that you currently own on the etoro platform. Since November 2018, it has been possible to close only a portion of trade directly. Here is the procedure of how to close a trade on etoro platform.

Full Close of a Trade

  • Go to the Portfolio icon to see all of the products you are investing in right now.
  • To see the disintegration into specific situations, press upon the applicable apparatus.
  • To terminate a position, tap on the red X beside it. (Left click on the spot you want to terminate on the etoro phone app and touch the red X.)
  • Select Close Trade bar from the drop-down menu.

Partial Closing of the Trade

You can terminate a transaction in partial as long as both the closed and open portions of the transaction fulfill the minimum trade required specifications. Just enter the following code to partially close a trade:

  • Log in to your account and select “Portfolio” from the drop-down menu.
  •  Select the instrument section you want to close by clicking on it.
  • Select the red X in the box, then mark “Close only portion of the trade” underneath the exchange description.
  • Decide which monetary units you want to close.
  • Select “Close Trade” from the drop-down menu.

When you choose Close Trade, only the quantity you specify will be closed; the balance will stay open in the Portfolio. Throughout business hours, your proposal will be fulfilled. The position’s Stop Loss and Take Profit settings will synchronize to meet the new transaction magnitude.


etoro is a fantastic platform for both beginner and professional consumers that are passionate about investing. Etoro offers an intriguing platform for novices to trade cryptocurrency that is surprisingly simple to use before you require assistance. Research bargains are scarce, and gaining access to numerous courses will require considerable research. And the creation of numerous different browser tabs. The trade’s difficulties are inescapable. To enable quality trading and receive rewards, investors should implement their equipment and procedures before trading begins.