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How to clean artificial grass?

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By Kaleem Ullah



If you have taken the eco-friendly steps to have a professional artificial grass team install a brand new artificial grass in your front yard, backyard or around your pool One of the most important things to remember is lawn care. lawn material when using synthetics No need to sow or water all the time. Use harmful fungicides and pesticides.


However, periodic watering of the artificial grass cost helps to remove dirt, dust and other fine particles. microscopic in small amounts Small contaminants that accumulate over time are quickly washed away from the synthetic turf fibres. This makes the area safer for families with pets and young children. Many artificial grass owners prefer to use a water hose or a pressure washer for their work. This is because spraying the area protects the structural stability of the filler layer below the plastic layer.


When it comes to removing dirt such as leaves, twigs and loose dirt. Metal spokes are extremely unsuitable. This can cause the grass to tear or scrape to pieces. ugly Instead of using a squeegee, a fine brush or a light broom. On the ground is also a good choice. In addition, using leaf mulch is an ideal way to remove accumulated dirt and sweep up grass clippings. A simple combination of loosening, brushing or extensive brushing of the foliage is the best way to dislodge deeply embedded material and remove all fibers. Do this once a month, or more often if desired.


Many low price artificial turf owners swear by the use of herbicides. Because over time crabgrass and other pesky weeds can grow there and damage the underside of the backfill layer. One of the advantages of artificial grass is that it does not attract insects or insects. due to the lack of nutritional value of synthetic materials


Sometimes fabric softener is sprayed over the entire surface. Because this method reduces fluff and makes every grass fiber soft, supple and porous. Degreasers and cleaners Specially made for use with artificial grass. But keep in mind that the product you want to use will not damage the blades. Use a special cleaner to remove odors from pet urine and dog poop. for solid pet waste should be disposed of by hand Instead of using a washing machine or a water hose If you vigorously shoot water on the stool It will break down into small particles. disappear among the blades of grass