How to Choose the Best Clinic for Circumcision Surgery in Delhi?

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Circumcision is a surgical procedure during which a surgeon removes the extra foreskin from the head of the penis. This is performed for several purposes such as cultural rituals, medical needs, or personal reasons. Circumcision is performed at several clinics in Delhi, but to choose the right one, you should keep a few things in mind. Below, we are listing a few important points that you should keep in mind while choosing a clinic for circumcision in Delhi.

The technique of circumcision

Circumcision can be done in three ways, including open surgery, laser surgery, and the ZSR technique. There are clinics where open surgery is still used to do circumcision. Open surgery is a conventional way of doing circumcision that inflicts pain and bleeding. The chances of complications during and after open surgery are also high. Not only this, but the recovery becomes longer, painful, and discomforting after this procedure as well.

Whereas, laser and ZSR techniques are advanced ways of doing circumcision. They don’t inflict pain or bleeding and the chances of complications during and after the procedures are also almost zero. Not only this, but recovery is also quick and comfortable after laser or ZSR circumcision. So, while choosing a clinic for circumcision in Delhi, you should make sure that the clinic offers laser or ZSR circumcision.

Experience and reliability of the surgeon

Apart from looking at the technique that will be used to do circumcision, you should also know the experience and reliability of the surgeon who is going to perform the procedure. An experienced surgeon performs circumcision with complete precision and perfection. The chances of complications almost disappear when circumcision is done by an experienced and skilled surgeon. Therefore, the experience and reliability of the surgeon are extremely important. An experienced surgeon always pays off.

The attitude of the surgeon

Visiting a clinic is itself a tension, but it increases and turns into depression and anxiety when you don’t meet the surgeon who is uncaring and disrespectful towards his/her patients. Therefore, it’s also essential for you to know about the attitude of the surgeon as well as the staff of the clinic. You would love to be treated by a surgeon who answers all your queries, hears you out, encourages and respects you as well as consider your overall well-being.

The overall cost of circumcision

Apart from all the above-mentioned factors, you should also discuss the cost of the entire surgical procedure of circumcision. The average cost of laser or ZSR circumcision in Delhi is around Rs. 30,000-40,000. However, the final cost may vary as certain factors determine the overall cost of laser or ZSR circumcision. While choosing a clinic for circumcision, you must have an idea of the average cost of the entire surgical procedure. To get a clear idea of the same, you should contact a few clinics and discuss the same so that you can conclude which one is better for you.

Free services at the clinic

Apart from performing laser or ZSR circumcision, several clinics also offer several free services to their patients such as free pick and drop on the day of the surgery and free follow-ups among others. While looking for a clinic for circumcision in Delhi, make sure to discuss with the service provider about the free services you will receive at the clinic.

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