How to Analyze Instagram Post and Sharing?

Instagram post share analysis

Realistic and accurate analyzes should be made in order to use Instagram, which is one of the most and most actively used applications of today, to be used effectively. Analyzing your shares and posts on Instagram can be done with special programs. Before making an account and profile analysis, you should determine your future goals and purpose, and determine the right analysis firm to get the correct report on the basis of these goals.

The details you need to pay attention to in the analysis that will emerge after your choices are the follower target audience. By learning all the information about this target audience, you can better understand what you need to do. With the increase in the posts you share on Instagram, you can access more detailed performance analysis. In this article, Instagram post sharing analysis We will talk about ways to do it, how to make sharing performance analysis and by which methods you can get more followers on Instagram.

Comparison with the Page Seen as a Competitor

One of the easiest ways to tell if there is enough attention on Instagram is by benchmarking. By looking at the interaction of an equivalent page that is seen as a competitor, the necessary post-comparison analysis can be made. A specific analysis can be achieved by calculating the important details of the competitor page such as likes, comments, views, sharing, and comparing it with the owned page.

With the result, it can be easily calculated which shares are more effective or what may be more ineffective. For example, let your competitor page be a veterinary page;  If it is more, we recommend that you pay attention to the visual posture of the post, the use of the tag, the time of the post.

Effect of Hashtags Used

The hashtag is a very important tool for Instagram post and share analysis as in many social media channels. It is possible to interact with many posts or shares with the same hashtag from all over the world. With hashtags, users can easily follow the content with hashtags they want to see. It is possible to reach many different users due to the use of the most searched words as hashtags, which are popular in some periods, such as New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or any subject. It is very important that the hashtags used are relevant to the subject. In addition, being popular will play a big role in making the post stand out. You can also find the most effective hashtags by calculating the interaction of the old post based on the previously used hashtags.

Which Post Style Is More Effective

As you know, Instagram, which has a lot of features, has more than one post-sharing option. Sharing can be made in the form of photos, long videos, short videos, reel videos, more than one photo, or more than one video. The most effective form of sharing can be achieved by measuring and analyzing the interest of the target audience with such differences. The determined post style will create an account habit for the followers and will also increase familiarity. In addition to such sharing options, the most effective way can be found by trying to share styles with creative shapes.

Performance Analysis of Stories

Some specific analyzes can be made on Instagram stories as well as in posts. It is also very important to make realistic and accurate analyses for Instagram stories by calculating visibility, response, or interest. As a result of the analysis, it should be ensured that the stories are interesting for the followers and that the followers look at the stories. In the story parts that can be shared with videos, photos, and other creative ways; In many options such as polls, music, and asking questions, a fun follow-up experience should be offered for followers.

Follower Increase Rate Calculation

As a result of the posts made, the number of followers may increase or decrease. In such cases, it should be calculated with which posts there is a change in the number of followers or how serious the change is. The periods of increase or decrease in followers should be calculated and an effective analysis should be made by calculating the details such as how the page reached according to the frequency of sharing. If your followers tend to decrease, we are ready to help you increase the rate of followers the rise recently in our sociallygo address is an indication of our quality and that we do our job well. Preparing different content and visual feasts will cause your followers to be shared with other users. Also, do not forget that the follower analysis can be learned in detail thanks to the Insights service offered by Instagram.

On Which, Days and Hours Should You Share?

One of the most important details in the analysis is to calculate the day or hour of the sharing and how it interacts in this context. Calculating the effect of the day and hour and sharing it accordingly, it can be calculated in which time interval the target audience uses Instagram, and it can be understood how the most effective way of interaction will be. The time interval we recommend is between 17.00 and 19.00, which is the time when people log on to Instagram the most. Later, when people say news, TV series, and movies, they reduce their login to Instagram.

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