How the Pandemic Changed the Way We Romance

We are hardwired to look for our perfect person. But as mask-wearing and social distancing became the new normal for almost two years now, it became tougher to find that special someone.

Bars, coffee shops, or clubs—where most people usually find new friends or casual partners—have closed, furthering any single person’s urge for a human connection. So, to say that the pandemic changed our dating approach is a colossal understatement. 

Just how much did the pandemic change the way we romance? How did it affect the singles? What evolved to cure this—hopefully—temporary dilemma?

How the Pandemic Remodeled our Dating Approach

Nineteen months ago, dating often included dinner and a movie, a few drinks in a crowded bar, and a goodnight kiss to cap off the evening.

But, the pandemic made a total 180 into how we romance: intimate encounters and being in a crowd aren’t allowed due to social distancing. Now, instead of kissing to end the night, couples on a date can settle for bumping elbows.

bumping elbows


Even when health protocols have mellowed down as most people are fully vaccinated, singles still choose to date safely. Without a doubt, the pandemic made a mark, big enough for them to choose to be single for X number of months (or years) more or shift to online dating.

Online Dating Platform’s Efforts to Fight Self-Isolation Quandaries

While some singles crave no-strings-attached fun, others wish to create a long-lasting relationship with someone special. And, this urge to meet someone to connect with magnified during the pandemic when everyone started practicing social distancing.

With that, most dating app companies made efforts to combat loneliness and boredom during this challenging crisis. They discussed the importance of health and sanitation. Most importantly, they assisted in addressing isolation while helping everyone understand how virtual dating became the new normal. 

In exchange, online dating platforms emerged as the go-to place for meeting new and different people. Dating sites and apps like TrulyRussian have even confirmed an increase of 63.6% for their signups and 326.38% for premium upgrades.

Five Things to Do to Find the Right Person Online

Finding love during the pandemic has been increasingly popular—and for better reasons. When looking for a potential life partner, here are the things you should consider:

1. Do it for the right reasons

Many users join online dating sites and apps to find a meaningful connection with someone. A lot of them are even willing to be emotionally vulnerable.

If you are just bored, trying to find a rebound, or just curious, you may not have the right motivation to try online dating. In turn, you might look for someone with the wrong reasons or start a relationship on a bad foot.

Nevertheless, if you truly want to look for love via online dating but still can’t find your reason, express your emotional availability and dating goals to your online friend.

2. Throw aside your worldly standards

Like many others, the pandemic must have served as a wake-up call on what truly matters for you, too. As such, when looking for a date online, throw away your superficial standards—like looks and social status.

Instead, find someone who can make you smile and feel comfortable easily. Ruling out someone who doesn’t seem hot or intelligent enough may ruin your chances of meeting your perfect person.

3. Be vigilant

Nothing’s worse than realizing you have fallen madly in love with a stinking internet scammer!

Online dating apps and sites have become a hub for internet con artists acting genuine and romantic to trick innocent users today. Undoubtedly, it’ll feel like a massive punch in the gut if you ever get fooled by one of them.

As such, practice vigilance at all times. Listen and follow your intuition when communicating with someone online, even to an online “special friend” you’re already attached to—although that could be an immense romance killer. Wouldn’t it be better to know now than to fall deeply in love with a con artist?

4. Choose the best online dating brand

Some online dating sites have millions of members but very few authentic accounts. There are also dating apps that offer translation features and online magazines for how-to tips, while others provide the plain old messaging option. With that, when choosing an online application, consider the user experience a company is willing to provide its members.

Most importantly, choose an online dating brand that prioritizes its users’ safety. Before downloading an app and chatting with someone, check their privacy policy first.

5. Have patience

In many ways, online dating is the same as going out with someone offline. For the most part, both mediums can bring a toll on us if we’re anxious while waiting for someone great.

Just like in real life, you will still need to come across many frogs before meeting your prince. Until you do, be patient. Wait for them to come into your lives—we guarantee you all the waiting will be worth it.

Fun Things to Do to Spruce up the Online Date

Talking to each other daily can foster the connection with your special friend online. But there are certain levels that you need to go through to feel comfortable around each other in person. While it may be hard to go through all of them at the moment, there are exciting activities you can try while getting to know someone.

Dinner date—with a fun catch

While many people are confident to dine at public restaurants, others are still hesitant to go out. If you’re one of those singles that want to date safely, you can always try to have a dinner date with a twist! 

Instead of a delicious candlelit dinner—while facing monitor screens—you can add a fun catch to the date by ordering or sending each other meals. You can either get each other something that you feel they’ll like or a meal that best represents them.

This dinner can be entertaining if you know nothing about the other’s tastes yet. It can also be heartwarming if you remember your date’s favorite food—if you talked about preferences previously.

Nonetheless, observe a few dinner safety tips to keep the food germ-free or choose a takeout company that you trust if you’re not the cooking type.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are a game in which players find clues, solve puzzles, and accomplish tasks in a room—sometimes at a limited time.

Virtual versions of escape rooms are now available for couples who want adventure from the comfort of their respective couches. When you play in a virtual escape room with your date, you’ll face stressful situations that require teamwork and communication. And all of that can help foster your bond.

Virtual Cooking Class

They say doing something new with your special someone strengthens your bond. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to cook but never got the time, doing it with your SO will surely be one for the books!

Participate in virtual cooking classes and cook meals that you’ve always wanted to prepare before. Plan ahead of time and make the same meal with your online date to spark your connection even more. You can also pick a recipe you both love and cook it while video calling.

Nevertheless, try anything that you have always wanted to do with your (future) better half.

Stay safe and love harder!

After spending almost two years in oblivion, it became clear to many what truly matters. People have also started realizing that long-lasting relationships aren’t something to be afraid about. Most importantly, couples today are becoming resourceful and creative with new ways to spruce up a date.

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