How much money can you win on normal jackpot slots?

Slots at a jackpot casino have always offered players some decent prize money but since the introduction of jackpot slots, the money that can be won has increased greatly. This is mostly down to linked jackpots and progressive jackpots that allow prize money to continuously grow until the jackpots are won.

These large jackpots can have a value of over a million pounds, and not surprisingly, are very hard to win, but when they drop, they set slot winning records. 

Normal Jackpots 

Away from the attention stealing progressive and linked jackpots, there are some smaller jackpots out there to be won and these do offer far more realistic cash prizes that are won regularly because the amounts are far smaller. These come in the form of fixed jackpots and local jackpots. Fixed jackpots have a value that remains the same, no matter how many people are playing the slot. These can range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand. 

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Local jackpots can still be worth playing for, especially if the casino brand is popular and has many customers. What differentiates local jackpots from other jackpots is that they build in one particular slot at an individual casino. Therefore, the players are fewer, and this reflects the lower value prize pots. Despite this, local jackpot prizes can also be worth a few thousand pounds at best. 

Fire Blaze Jackpots 

If the high-risk high reward strategy of chasing progressive jackpots is not your scene, then you may want to give Fire Blaze slots a spin. These are some of the smallest jackpots out there and they do not fall randomly. The value of the Min, Minor, Major and Grand jackpots all reflect your stake. The higher your stake, the more valuable these jackpots are.  Whatever your stake, the general rule here is that the grand jackpot is 2000x your original stake. These small jackpots are usually won during a hold and re-spin bonus round that takes place on a grid rather than reels. 

  •       Fixed jackpot values do not change 
  •       Smaller Jackpots are easier to win 
  •       Fire Blaze jackpots offer a Grand jackpot prize of 2000x your stake. 

Things to Remember 

When playing jackpot slots, you are still governed by the rules of the Random Number Generator and ultimately, this decides when a jackpot will be won. Some jackpots that offer big or small prizes, fall randomly during any spin and you just need to be in the right place at the right time. Even though a jackpot can drop at any time, it is thought that larger jackpots have an approximate hit rate of once every 10,000 spins.  

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In Summary 

Jackpots add interest to slot games, and they can be progressive in nature or considered to be fixed or part of a bonus round. Normal jackpots tend to offer smaller prizes, but these are easier to win. Fire Blaze jackpots are games that contain multiple jackpots, and these can be won when playing the Fire Blaze bonus round.

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