How long does New Soccer Cleats last?

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By John Wick

If you are searching for Soccer Shoes for Sale, you are likely to have this question in your mind about how long the shoes cleats will last. Whatever be the brand, model or budget shoes you seek, you need to buy a pair that performs exceedingly well on the ground and also lasts long.

You may be an active player engaged in the game of soccer, say about three to seven days a week. You might just own a single pair of superior quality soccer cleats. If so, then you can expect this part to last a full season, for around 3 to 4 months at a stretch or if lucky, then for two seasons.

Tips to know how long New Soccer Cleats will last?

Four main variables are to be taken into account while determining the duration of the soccer cleats.

  • The lighter pair is likely to be less durable. It will have thinner material that is likely to break much faster when compared to heavier shoe.
  • Another aspect to consider is the playing surface. Investing in firm ground cleats will be a wise choice if you prefer to play on grassy, firm surfaces. But then they are not designed to be used to play on artificial turns, since it will break soon. Hence, before starting your shopping session, you should first determine on what surface you will be playing your soccer game. Accordingly carry out research or ask the experts for guidance. Buy a pair that best fits the ground surface you opt to play, be it indoors, on artificial turfs, soft or firm ground.
  • Active players should have a couple of cleats ready to be used if the existing one gets worn out or damaged. This is a must have if you are engaged in daily playing.
  • Play intensity is the other aspect to consider when buying a pair of soccer shoes. Find out if you will be engaged in a couple of side games, practice some kicks on the field or indulge in high intensity games. The type of shoes to select will entirely depending on your specific activity on the field. You can consult the customer care representatives at for better guidance.
  • When making the purchase, be realistic and do not choose a pair just because your favourite celebrity is wearing or endorsing them. Rather, understand your game play and purchase wisely. Only then will you be able to run around and kick the ball around the field easily and enjoy the game thoroughly. You may select Nike Phantom GT the next time you plan to purchase soccer shoes.

Taking care of your soccer cleats

  • After every game air dry your cleats. Stuff in them some newspaper as it will help absorb dampness. If exposed to sun when drying they might crack.
  • Wearing the pair and warming up or jogging will break in new cleats. More engagement will help loosen them and offer appropriate fit.

With proper research you can get hold of your desired soccer shoes.