How life looks like in Dubai

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Life in Dubai seems like a dream. If you talk about Facility, technology, income, celebrations, entertainment, everything is pretty cool here. The weather is so good, only two months around the year are very hot. The city has all the things that can attract tourists and investors and also the job seekers.

Schooling in Dubai is expensive

Schooling at your school will be an expensive thing. You have to pay 5000 AED per month for school. So if you are settling with your family with young children, keep this in mind.

Tax free salary is a big plus point

Tax-free salary is a big thing for people around the world. The city won’t overburden you with the income you earn. This is so safe for your money. That’s why people are jonesing to look for properties for sale in Dubai and searching for houses for sale here. Because they want to settle down and live their lives in this city.

Safe and secure city

Dubai is one of the safest cities of the world. The law are so strict that won’t allow anyone to commit any crime. None is above law. This makes this city so safe to live in. single women can go and live in the city safely. The city is among the top safer cities of the world. Dubai is ideal for a single businesswoman to come and join the market. communities such as forest villas Dubai are so safe for women to even live alone or bring their children along.

Dubai police.

I experienced that police of Dubai are very honest. One of our friends collapsed on the road and got admitted to the hospital by the policemen. When he got well he searched for the mobile phone he was having in his pocket at the time accident. He then went to the police station and police officers gave him his phon.

Large population of expats

About 80% of the population living in Dubai is ex-pats. Only 20% of the population is

from UAE. These 80% come here for business and work. Why so much people will come to Dubai? Because the salary level is very elevated. This makes the city distinguished from the other cities of the world. Women are so safe in Dubai that you don’t need to get a family member along with you everywhere. Dubai is among the safest cities in the world. The police are so efficient and effective policies of the government are involved here.

No theft is existed

Even if you forget to lock your car or lock your home, you are safe.

I infrastructure of Dubai is so good that you will fall in love with the city and want

to live here forever.

The city has changed and developed in very less time in it’s like 10/years

Before Dubai wasn’t so developed but now it looks like a heaven on earth.

It’s growing so fast every single day; so much construction is being done here. A train without a driver is another shocking thing