How Hand-Tailored Are Silver Rings Made?

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By Kaleem Ullah

Each girl likes to wear rings. Nowadays, it has become a fashion to wear many rings on fingers.  Even you can make stylish rings with the right gear, and by following these step-by-step instructions, anybody can make a handmade silver ring for girlsA few capacities required to make a ring include utilizing a saw and a light. This task requires a lot of consideration to finish each step securely. While starting a ring maker might require more time, you can make it easier when you do it constantly. Here are steps to make attractive handmade silver rings:

Size your finger

First of all, you have to find your ring size using the ring seizers. If you already know your exact ring size, there is no need for the ring sizers for silver rings buy online pure silver earrings. Then follow a square shape the length of your ring on paper, the width of your desire utilizing a ruler, and cut the square shape with the scissors. Follow the square shape of paper onto your piece of handmade silver using a marker or pencil. Wrap the piece of paper you slice out around your finger to perceive how it looks and feels. 

Saw From Sterling Silver

Before you start sawing the handmade silver, you can use the optional scrap metal to practice your sewing skills until you feel comfortable with the motions. Put the wooden square on the edge of a table. Then clamp the wooden square to the table with the C-clam and run the saw edge through a piece of wax. 

File Edges Down

Remove the wedge from the end of the ring clip. Place the rectangle of authentic silver in one end of the ring cinch. Place the wedge into the opposite edge of the ring clasp. Scrape the edges down utilizing the huge document to make the edges straight as expected. 

Structure Band

Set the C-block on the table. Place one edge of the square shape of handmade silver on the littlest C on the C-block. Softly pound the authentic silver with the metal hammer, so it starts bending toward the end. Turn the square shape to put the opposite end in the littlest C. Slightly pound the real silver with the metal hammer.

Tie Ring for Pressure

Cut around 4 inches of the electrified steel wire. Wrap the steel wire around the band, squeezing the band’s edges together. Pull the edges of the steel wire around the band, bending them with pliers as they meet. Line up the finishes as best as expected.


Put the band on the fire block. Brush sufficient transition to cover where the band’s edges meet utilizing a small paintbrush. Cut off 1-2 bits of weld wire depending upon the width of your ring. Place the bits of solder where the edges of the band meet. Turn on the gas for the light. Hold the light around 1-2 inches from the light. Hold the light around 3-4 inches away from the band and Strike the lighter. 

Finish the Ring

Shape the ring utilizing the ring mandrel by beating it with the cowhide hammer. Clean the band utilizing a clean wheel. Sand the whole surface of the band and continue to the cleaning step to make a gleaming ring.

Bottom line

Finally, you have made your attractive handmade silver ring using these simple instructions. You can even try different homemade rings to look stylish to get from the shop.