How Does A Business Benefit From Cloud Acceleration?

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By John Wick

In the last couple of years, the digital landscape has witnessed a drastic transformation. The rise of Cloud Acceleration drives businesses to come up with better ways to deliver content. With the rise of internet penetration, there is an increase in internet speeds leading to complicated media-rich websites. In addition, there is a sharp rise in the expectations of the consumers with minimal delay. More and more businesses are adopting cloud acceleration to enable their international audience base to access their services.

Decrease server load

Cloud acceleration consists of a distributed network of servers for content delivery. It is one of the main servers that safely stores the content and also retrieves data packets from client devices. There is a strategic placement of servers across locations. This means that there is no possibility of overloading, thereby, freeing up the overall capacity, and bringing down bandwidth and delivery expenses.

Enhances website performance and speed

Cloud acceleration can be significantly helpful for businesses that depend on the website to deliver content quickly. For example, an e-commerce business requires to convert the shoppers visiting the website quickly into customers and grow sales. Any delay in the page load times can give rise to drop-offs, and users exiting the site and even moving to a competitor’s website. When cloud acceleration is taken seriously by a business, it can deliver high-performance website content by caching on the cloud acceleration servers closest to end-users.

Lower network latency and reduces packet loss

When information gets transmitted across devices over the internet, from a website to an end-user, it is done via packets. The small units of data consist of data with information about the source of network, destination, errors identification, etc. When data cover long distances, some get lost along the way before reaching the end-user. This increases latency or arrives at the end-user in a different order than expected. Furthermore, businesses experience less optimum user experience, especially when data contains high-definition live streaming, audio, and video content. Cloud Acceleration is the solution to increased network latency.

Improve availability of content

The present media-rich internet landscape requires high availability of content on their websites and also witnesses increased consumer demands. The higher the traffic, the more pressure is exerted on the source of origin servers so that the websites don’t crash and keep the content available. Traffic load can reach millions within a few seconds causing servers to fail, and resulting in poor online experience and unsatisfied customers. Clod acceleration is responsible for absorbing such a heavy volume of traffic and also distributing it across a specified infrastructure. Thus, enabling the business to improve content availability despite the load.


When the above-mentioned benefits are combined, it enables the business to reach a bigger global audience using Cloud Acceleration. Furthermore, content delivery also becomes easier and more cost-effective and there is a consistent customer experience. Keeping customers engaged and satisfied is one of the biggest motives of businesses. When customers are satisfied, it accelerates global audience growth, thereby allowing businesses to scale new heights effectively.