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How Do I Choose the Best Solar Company in My Local Area?

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Do you want to invest in solar energy? You aren’t alone since around 46% of American homeowners consider solar panels for their homes. The energy savings and environmental benefits drive the shift to sustainable energy sources.

Regardless of your reason, you get the most benefits if you work with the best solar company. In this guide, we’ll discuss the traits of good solar contractors. Read on and find out more:

Never Rely on Solar Price Comparison Sites

It’s best not to base your solar installer decision on price alone. A solar panel system is a major investment with lots of components. You must ensure everything works seamlessly. Installing your solar panels also means coordinating with your utility.

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You must get permits from local authorities and do some paperwork. However, the best solar company will coordinate everything. A lot of complex processes go behind the solar installation process. An installer has lots of opportunities to fail. When a company offers dirt-cheap prices, ask the corners they’re cutting.

Get More Quotes

If you ask more residential solar providers for quotes, you get fair prices. It also allows you to compare each company’s credentials and features. Good solar contractors will determine whether your home is eligible for solar panels.

These professionals will explain why your home can’t use solar energy. For example, your roof might need repairs before accommodating the system. In some cases, your house might not get enough sunlight to make your investment worth your money.

Reputable solar companies would rather walk away instead of selling an unworthy system. If you get three quotes and the majority disapprove of the installation, follow them.

Read Online Reviews

Go to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for reviews. They stand out from other review sites online. They collect various consumer complaints and mediate between both parties. It allows you to identify the company’s poor practices.

With the BBB, you can check whether the company resolved the complaint. It’s inevitable for some complaints to remain unresolved. Even the best contractors can’t please every customer.

Check the Contractor’s License

Your state laws determine whether a local solar company can operate. Some require specialized licenses, while others only look for general contractor licenses. Some states even allow companies to install solar panels without credentials.

If your state needs licenses to operate, ask the company’s license number. Depending on your area, online license databases will report various information details.

Some are minimal, while others are more extensive. For example, California’s databases allow you to check if the company has license violations. The severity of these infractions differ. It doesn’t mean you have to cross off the company. Ask them to explain and clear your concerns.

Get the Best Solar Company Now

These are some tips to get the best solar company to install your panels. Never let unlicensed companies mess up your installation. Use our tips to get the most out of your investment now.

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