How did this young man lose 19kg?

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How did this young man lose 19kg?

The foreign news agency has published the story of a young Pakistani man who managed to lose 19kg in just five months. According to the report, the young man’s name is Muhammad Ali son of Mohammad Khalil. Muhammad Ali said, “I used to eat all the time, when the weight exceeded 100kg then I had the idea of ​​reducing it because obesity was causing serious health problems”.


“I made the ultimate decision to lose weight and joined the gym on July 15, where I worked out for one hour daily for the first two weeks, then I lost weight by four kilograms, then I became convinced that obesity could be eliminated.”


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Young said that when I started the weight-loss mission, I first made a healthy diet schedule, which helped me a lot and lost about a kilogram in a week. “I was eating a lot of fast food, which led to my weight gain, and at one point, my clothes were getting smaller,” he said, “but I didn’t care about breathing and difficulty breathing.” If so, I plan to lose weight. ‘


The Pakistani youth said, “When I planned to lose weight, the hardest step was to control the diet. In the meanwhile, I got very angry but kept on my decision and five months later I achieved my goal. The young man said that I had set a goal of losing 78 to 80kg, which I achieved and now I go with confidence in business mattings. Mohammed Ali has advised those who want to lose weight to make a decision once and for all, because it is encouraging, a little careful eating and drinking, practicing small things, including daily exercise, with obesity. Can get rid of