How can young people make a difference to the health sector?

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Health is one of the most important sectors and something that directly affects us all at some point in our lives. It is pretty unlikely, for example, that you will go through life without ever needing to see your family doctor or visit the emergency room. This makes the future of the health sector very important, and young people play a huge part in this. Many young people realize this and are keen to find ways to make a real difference in health in a positive way.

How can they do this?

Enter the health sector as a career

Of course, the major way that young people can make a difference in healthcare is by choosing it as their career. This will mean that they can spend their working lives helping those in need and using their caring, compassionate nature to great effect. It will also secure the future of the sector as there will be a flood of new, young talent to replace those retiring. It will also mean that new people come into the sector with fresh ideas and enthusiasm.

If you do decide to opt for a professional career in healthcare, then getting the right qualifications first is a must. Psychiatric and mental health nursing is a popular career choice but sums up perfectly how you need the right education in place first. For many young people looking to study healthcare courses such as this, Wilkes University is a top choice. Wilkes not only offers high-level learning and positive graduate outcomes, but it also runs online courses for extra convenience.


While you might want to make a difference to healthcare, you might not want to do it for a full-time job. This does not mean that you have to forget about it though! Volunteers are often in high demand for certain non-professional roles in hospitals, and this can be a very rewarding way to spend your spare time. Not only does it free up professional healthcare staff to perform other duties, but it can also give you the chance to fulfill your desire to help others. There are also services such as the Samaritans USA that use volunteers to operate and speak to people in distress.

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Most hospitals and doctors’ surgeries can always use extra funds to pay for new equipment, employ more staff, or keep buildings well-maintained. For young people, this means that fundraising for your local healthcare providers is a great way to make a difference. The money you raise will directly help not only your local surgery or hospital but also the patients who rely on them. From organizing gala dinners to doing sponsored runs or setting up a raffle at work, there are lots of great fundraising ideas to think about.

Young people are the future for healthcare

 Young people are key to the future of healthcare and to the future of our planet as a whole. By getting involved with any of the above, there are some really effective ways that youngsters can make a positive impact. If you also think about young people using the latest technology to drive healthcare solutions, then it is clear just how much they can assist this sector moving forward.