How can we stop COVID-19 with the help of ISO certification?

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Do you know about the ISO standards and its certifications?

Do you know how it can help us to fight against the coronavirus?

Is there a way to stop the infection of coronavirus?

The coronavirus is spreading day by day and infecting many people in India and one of the states Maharashtra is facing many issues and had initiated lockdown a few months ago. Even there is a lockdown in many states but the infection of coronavirus is increasing in Maharashtra. If the infection is spreading even in the lockdown then we the people are doing some mistake and missing something that can help us to stop the infection.

Most of the people are abiding the rules of social distancing and also staying self-quarantine so that the infection not spread to other people. Somehow but we are failing in our practices and need something more to stop the infection. So In this article, we will discuss how can the ISO standards help us to stop the infection.

How the ISO certification helps us to fight against COVID-19?

There are many standards and certifications made by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) and these standards are created based on the situations in the market. Some of the ISO certification that can help us in the current situation are ISO 14001 and the ISO standards that are made for the manufacture of medical equipment. There are also other certifications that you can use in your organizations to stop the infection in your organization.

Organizations such as Medical Equipment Manufacturing Plants and Pharmaceutical Plants that are still working even in a lockdown should follow the requirements of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) standards and other certifications that may stop the infection of these viruses.

As there is a shortage of medical equipment and medicines, these companies should not stop the production of medicines as it will help the infected people to cure them. Now, our main objective should be to stop the infection of COVID-19.

These organizations should conform and comply with the requirements of the ISO standards as it may prevent the employees from getting infected with the virus. The organization should follow the Good Manufacturing Practice and make the environment clean and hygienic by sanitizing the environment. The employees should use medical equipment such as face masks and other medical equipment that can help them to prevent themselves from getting infected. We should also follow the rules made by the Government and the ISO Certification and prevent ourselves from the virus.

The organization should follow the ISO standards such as ISO 10993-1:2009, ISO 13688:2013, ISO 374-5:2017 as they are created for the organization that produces medical equipment.

The FDA, ISO, and GMP certifications are the most important certifications that are necessary for the organization that manufactures medicines and medical equipment. The certifications state some laws and guidelines that are mandatory to follow in the organizations. These guidelines really help the organizations to make quality and safe products that are consumed by the people.

Organizations that produce PPE Kits, Face masks, sanitizers, and other medical equipment are mandatory to have these certifications. If these products are defective, then it may affect human health seriously and in some situations, the patient even can die.

By following the ISO 14001 Standard that is mainly created for the Environmental Management System can help the organizations to follow the laws that can help us to make the environment clean and green.

As the increasing pollution is contaminating the environment and hence the environment is paving ways for the spread of pathogens and viruses that are causing serious disasters for the human.  Hence We should apply for these types of certification and apply the requirements in our organization.

There is no vaccine invented for the coronavirus and many of the countries are still trying to create an antidote for the virus. In these situations, we can’t stop the production of the medical equipment and medicines that are helpful in preventing and curing the disease.

Hence you should follow the Good Manufacturing Practice in our organization and sanitize the environment and create a virus-free environment. By applying for the certification and following the requirements of these standards, one organization can empower his organization and even these certifications can also help them in the future to grow and get more profit.


The laws made by the ISO standards and other standards can help us in the current situation to fight with the coronavirus and eradicate it. These ISO standards are mainly created for the organization and if they are helpful then we should follow them in our organizations and combat COVID-19. These are the basic thing that we can follow to stop the infection of COVID-19 as there is no vaccine invented for this type of virus.