Himalayan chef Grocery Shopping in Pakistan | Everything You Need To Know About Food Adulteration

The year 2022: Himalayan Chef Grocery Shopping in pakistan, a brand with its existence in 100+ countries around the globe, is now here in Pakistan with a goal to provide maximum awareness about Pure and Natural Food. One-Stop Solution for Grocery, the most convenient method of shopping in the world, was lacking in Pakistan.

They say – ‘we are what we eat. If there is any chance the statement is accurate, we must start looking more precisely into what we eat. As per the recent time of high-tech advancements in the world, food safety is highly at stake. Food adulteration is a critical concern of the globe as it impacts the consumer’s health both temporarily and in the longer run. Sometimes, the effects get so drastic that they can be fatal to the consumer, contingent on the severity of the infraction.

No question to say that a society’s health is directly linked to the nation’s wealth. Among all the needs of an individual, a healthy food intake plays a vital part in leading their healthy lifestyles. From a basic food type to the highly luxurious haute cuisine, food is diversified like a fancy man’s taste. The lure of influential people and their common in difference for human kind provokes the addition of various grade contaminants into the food. Commonly seen stones in the rice or pluses are now being exaggerated to hazardous brick chunks and chemical residues.

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As World Health Organization states:

“Out of every 600 M people, approximately 1/10 fall sick as a result of adulterated food consumption followed by 4.2 lac fatalities and an overall loss of 33 M lives/year (DALYs)”.


“Food borne diseases are the major cause of around 1,25000 causalities/yearin children under the age of 5”.

Most of the renowned food industries have gotten their products labeled as non-conforming. The key reason behind that is the common adulteration with the severity of the high end. Deleterious adulterants such as DDT, Boric Powder and Adrian are being mixed with the food. This lowers the product’s quality and price and enhances health-related concerns for people.renowned food industries

Unscrupulous vendors mix the lower and higher-grade products to cut the cost and increase the profit. Maybe the food visibly looks tempting or may also last longer than usual but the associated impacts cannot be easily overcome even in the upcoming time. For instance, the grocery items such as pulses, rice, or flours, the quality are reduced to lessen the prices. Various quality products are mixed with the addition of hazardous solid content to increase the weight of the product. Such chemicals include powders and stones. The situation goes totally in their hands if the buyer cannot see properly through the packaging.

Types of Food Adulteration.

Food Contamination can be of 4 types:

  • Purposeful Addition of Adulterants
  • Replacement of Ingredients
  • Elimination of Important Elements from Product
  • Incidental Contamination

All of these factors considerably influence the quality of the product and the health of the consumer.

Himalayan Chef Fights Food Adulteration.

Himalayan Chef Online Grocery store in Pakistan keeps the vow of introducing the world with the best quality kitchen essentials at the best possible prices. Keeping the purity intact, the brand aims to fulfill the world with the needed nourishment. 100% naturally pure ingredients are brought right from the source of manufacturing to the table. Our working approach “Farm to Fork” provides the products that are in the best interests of humankind. In this rising era of adulteration and canned foods, Himalayan Chef tries to keep it all-natural. The purity of food is a necessity to lead a healthy and nourished life, hence Himalayan Chef stands out there for the world.

About Himalayan Chef.

Himalayan Chef is a leading kitchen and food brand that got its roots intact in more than 100 countries of the world. After receiving remarkable rejoinder in the notable countries of the world, Himalayan Chef has expanded its horizon to Pakistan. The goal is to make Pakistan nutritionally fulfilled by providing 100% pure products and a 100% money-back guarantee. The brand aims to tackle a broader issue of common adulteration that directly hinders a community’s nutritional needs. The ethically and responsibly sourced ingredients are all safe and tested. The products hold distinguished certifications including USDA Organic, HCCAP, PSQCA, FDA, etc. Besides, Himalayan Chef promises to keep the process and products sustainable at all ends. It promotes eco-friendly packaging and a zero-emission/waste model distribution network. The brand collaborates with WBM Foundation to make the efforts for the environment and community practically noticeable.

About Himalayan Chef


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