High-quality AgieCharmilles wire EDM accessories help you increase productivity and profitability

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As we all know, AgieCharmilles wire cutting machine tools play an important role in the field of mold and precision parts processing. Charmilles has been committed to providing the latest solutions for the mold industry to improve efficiency, reduce processing costs, and shorten mold manufacturing cycles. For example, The FO350SP EDM machine tool with “zero” loss IQ power supply as standard, has higher EDM productivity through tool lifting speed and discharge control; The increased speed of the Z-axis movement and its incredible acceleration has resulted in a 30% increase in efficiency when machining narrow grooves of medium depth; at the same time, the loss rate of the electrode is greatly reduced, thereby greatly reducing the processing cost, and can provide a better and uniform surface finish; The high-precision lower-speed wire cutting machine tool-CUT200 with a maximum efficiency of 500mm2/min, which has the digitally controlled CC pulse power supply, it is not only highly efficient but also the best roughness can reach Ra≤0.1μm. Under the same processing conditions, Charmilles CUT200 efficiency can be increased by more than 30% compared with the previous machine tools.

In terms of mold surface quality processing, AgieCharmilles wire-cutting machine has the following advantages:

  1. Best roughness: Ra≤0.1μm;
  2. The digitally controlled pulse power supply has a softening layer on the surface of the mold material < 1 μm;
  3. For the common variable height workpieces in the mold processing, the energy expert system will not affect the processing, because there is no frequent wire breakage due to processing difficulties, and even a uniform surface quality will be obtained.

AgieCharmilles wire cutting machines also play an indispensable role in applications such as superhard materials (tungsten carbide), small inner corner processing, and deep cavities. Superhard materials have the characteristics of high hardness and high wear resistance. The traditional cutting method directly prepares the surface micro-texture of superhard materials, which will cause problems such as low production efficiency and poor surface morphology. The use of Charmilles machine tools for high-speed precision cutting can effectively reduce workpiece wear, improve machining accuracy and surface finish; For the processing of tiny inner corners, Charmilles machine tools can use the thinnest electrode wire to process the finest surface quality, while ensuring a high machining life. The inner corner radius of the cutting wire as thin as 0.02mm can be as small as 0.015mm。

As the saying goes, good tools are prerequisite the successful execution of a job. In order to ensure that the machine tool can continue to work efficiently, it is particularly important to use high-quality machine tool parts. TAGUTI INDUSTRIAL LIMITED, which started in 1997, is an earlier enterprise in China specializing in the manufacture of consumables and accessories for the electrical processing industry. It has its own R&D team and manufacturing department. From R&D to production to sales, it can provide customers with cost-effective edm parts: Wire guide, power feed contact, nozzle, roller, EDM jig etc. (as shown in the figure). In a word, high-quality EDM spare parts can help customers improve processing efficiency, reduce processing costs, and shorten manufacturing cycles.

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