Helpful Tips to Increase Your Laptop Battery Health Meaningfully

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By John Wick

Technology is getting advanced more and more day by day and we’re seeing a number of features-enriched state-of-the-art laptops in the markets from different well-recognized brands. They are very much efficient than the previous ones and giving us awesome battery timing. However, we still need to get our laptops charged to stay online or active throughout the day as modern and even super-expensive laptop batteries aren’t capable to last more than 12-14 hours on a single charge.

Nevertheless, you can increase the battery life of your laptop by going through different practices and quite a few software tweaks. We have listed down a handsome number of methods/ways that will help you improve battery life significantly.

Make Changes in Power Settings

Every windows version comes with awesome features to control the power – hence, you are enabled to get the best performance while making changes according to the needs. If you’re using Windows 10, particularly, you’ll get a greater number of options to save the battery life. These options include sleeping mode, powering off monitor automatically, and others.

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Don’t Keep Disc Drives Inside

Do you have a disc inside the CD/DVD room? Eject it with immediate effects as if a disc keeps spinning in the drive, it consumes a lot of battery and performs many programs in the background you don’t know about. All you need to do is to eject the discs from the drive save the battery so that you can enjoy working for extra minutes.

Turn-Off Wi-Fi When Not Using

One of the biggest mistakes most of the users do is to leave the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth turned-on which utilizes the battery massively. Be noted that Wi-Fi or Bluetooth both drain the battery and keep looking for new connections all the time. You are likely to be removed from wireless networks if you are using your laptop off the grid so that you can shut this system off. Many laptops have a feature button that allows the Wi-Fi adaptor to be manually turned off to save you from excessive waste.

Reduce Screen Brightness

The most power-hungry part of a laptop is indeed, its screen which consumes battery extraordinarily. It always takes a serious amount of power to run things smoothly, brightly, and of course, clearly. There is only a single way to save the power by reducing its brightness – not very much but at least possible down to see the display with ease.

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The screen brightness button normally is positioned as a second F key feature and is displayed as an Up and down Sun icon. Only hold down the right function key to use it and then pick it up or down.

Keep Extra Features Disabled

Many modern laptops boast a number of extra features to increase your enjoyment while using. However, these features demand extra juice to run flawlessly which means the battery drains fast. You should go through some simple measures to turn off them such as graphic effects to make your laptop more efficient.

Don’t Leave Peripherals Turned-On

Leaving USB peripherals turned-on means the battery will keep draining as the motherboard needs to give them the power continuously. So, it’s a good move to get them turned-off to save battery life massively. Webcams, mouse, USBs are common reprobates try removing them as soon as your work is finished.

After going through all these tips or hacks, if your laptop’s battery keeps draining fast like before, then it’s the time for you to get your hands on the replacement battery. Moreover, don’t leave your laptop idle for a couple of months with 50% or fully charged battery as it may play a considerable role to decrease the battery health.