Great junket at Shangri La Casino in Kyiv

Junket in Ukraine at Shangri La Casino Kyiv by Michael Boettcher’s Storm International company is a great idea for the holidays and weekends. You can give yourself a luxurious vacation with a gambling zest. Everything that will make the visit special at any time of the year, you will find at Shangri La Casino in Fairmont Hotel.

Here, each guest can choose their own relaxation format, games and accommodation. You can also choose the number of days and optionally include additional services in the junket.

In addition, the unit offers VIP relaxation, where guests are treated like royal blood. Each visitor receives an attentive attitude, a wide games selection, a convenient bets range, a transfer, an excellent menu with tasty dishes and drinks and much more.

What is junket tours?

In general, junket is a tourist trip with pre-agreed terms to the region where gambling units operate. Many entertainment venues offer a similar all-inclusive service.

The Shangri La Casino pays for the tour in Ukraine: hotel, transfer, food, entertainment, etc. Players, for their part, must purchase casino chips for the specified amount, have fun and spend all chips on bets. Usually, the contract specifies the sum to be spent on the game.

For players, such trip is a convenient way to play in the Kyiv casino. It is especially convenient for residents of those states where casino is prohibited. If earlier in order to get to the casino, the junket was bought mainly by players from places where there are no own gaming complexes, now everyone who plans to have a great time orders this service.

Extra jackpots at Shangri La Casino

Shangri La Casino Kyiv is a VIP casino in Ukraine that guarantees an honest game with some privileges and regularly raises prizes for its guests. Tourists can also win the jackpot!

This unit belongs to the Shangri La network, which is run by Storm International. Shangri La Casino like all holding’s units has its own features. The special charm of the Ukrainian Shangri La, Darren Keane, the managing director said, is additional jackpots that can be received by absolutely every slot player.

To participate in the lottery, you do not need to make any contributions or buy jackpot tickets. The casino has proposed a reward system for their slot players.

What are these additional jackpots? These are cash prizes that are drawn once a week. Larger amounts are drawn once a month and once in a quarter on fixed days. The prizes size is very enjoyable. The jackpots range is from several hundred to several thousand euros. Each guest who made slot bets is automatically a participator in the lottery.

The main lotteries with additional jackpots benefit is that they always have more than one prize. That means that the bonus is received not by one lucky player, but immediately by three, five or even ten, so there are always many lucky guests at Shangri La Casino Kyiv.

About Shangri La Casino Network

Shangri La Casino is the fourth casino of the Shangri La network operating in Kyiv since 2021. This is the first unit of the Storm International company in Ukraine. The network also includes three more complexes in Yerevan, Minsk and Tbilisi. All these places are united by a single design style, strict work rules, a friendly attitude towards guests and an honest game. Prizes are always paid instantly.

Storm International, Darren Keane said, was founded in 1992 by Michael Boettcher, and Shangri La in Moscow became the 1st network casino. This unit successfully worked until the gambling ban in the Russian capital in 2009. After that, Shangri La units were opened in Armenia, Georgia, Belarus, Ukraine.

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