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Google makes Breast Cancer Diagnosis Easy

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Google makes Breast Cancer Diagnosis Easy

The results indicate that the team has developed a good tool for accurate diagnosis of breast cancer, said a statement from Dominic King, a Google Health official.

According to details, Google claims to offer a solution to the problem of accurate diagnosis of breast cancer. Google Health division has researched the past few years and introduced accurate diagnosis through artificial intelligence with the help of Deep Mind, Cancer Research UK Imperial Center, Northwestern University and Royal Surrey County Hospital.

An article published in the American Journal describes the successful outcomes of the AI model for breast cancer diagnosis in this regard. Through this AI model, researchers analyzed mammogram scans of more than 28,000 women from across the UK and the United States and diagnosed cancer that radiologists had failed to detect.


Researchers say that with this method they have been able to count the number of cases of misdiagnosis of breast cancer in healthy women. They said further tests, medical certification and regulatory approval would be required after which it could be used formally, but we are determined to work with our partners to achieve this goal. If the research continues to be successful in this regard, women around the world will benefit from it.