Get Ready to Maintain that Tan for Longer with Our Expert Tips!

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By Kaleem Ullah

Self-tanning is a comparatively new trend and many people are trying it to get a sun-kissed glow. But the fact remains that if one wants a beachy bronze appearance like Kate Moss or a California Babe look aka Kate Hudson, you will need the professional touch of a tanning salon.

Why So

This is because you will get the advice and services of professionals who deal with hundreds of clients wanting tans and as each is different from another, they gain a lot of experience in which color will suit which personality the most.

Also, as a first-timer, you may want a dark color. The expert might suggest a lighter shade so that you can ease into the tan rather than roam around with a jarring skin color difference.

It could be vice versa too. You may want a lighter color but the professional may ask you to go a shade darker as the tan will start fading in a couple of days. So, it is always better to search for the ‘best tanning salon near me and get pro advice every time you want a tan.

Get the most outta your tan

With the amount of time and effort you spend on a tan, you’d sure like it to last as long as you can stretch it out. Here are some useful tips on how you can prep yourself for the tanning appointment and make your bronze last for long.

Before you come in:

  • Once your appointment day is set, here’s what you have to do a day or two prior to it. You must exfoliate and shave all the areas you want tanned. This will remove all the accumulated dead skin cells and ensure a smoother tan.
  • Take a cool shower instead of a hot one as that will close your skin pores. If they are open, you may get a dot-like appearance on the skin.
  • Do not apply any oil-based, heavy moisturizing lotions or products on your skin as that would prevent the color from being absorbed into the skin.
  • Remember to pack loose clothes, preferably dark in color, to wear once your tan application is over. While you are being tanned, you can wear a dark-colored bikini or thong if you want unless you want an all-over tan in which case you can go au naturel.

Once the tan is done:

  • Experts in a tanning salon in Coral Springs, FL will tell you to not shower or swim for at least 8-12 hours after your color application so that it can get fully absorbed in the skin. In fact, most tanning specialists ask clients to go home and sleep so that their color sets in perfectly!
  • Avoid strenuous exercising after the session so that you do not sweat. This may lead to your developing streaks in the color which won’t look attractive.
  • Do not use abrasive material against your skin for a week or so after your tanning session. These could be washcloths or loofahs. They will strip your skin of the top layer and dulled your tan color. Instead, you should pat your skin dry after you bathe and apply a moisturizing lotion as frequently as you can. This will keep your skin hydrated and less prone to sloughing off.