For the first time in Israeli history, citizens are permitted to visit Saudi Arabia

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Israel approves travel to Saudi under limited circumstances

Israel has officially given its citizens permission to visit Saudi Arabia for the first time in history, a sign of the growing ties between the two countries. After the consultation, the statement issued that Israeli citizens would be allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia in two cases. They said that Israeli civilian religious affairs, such as paying Umrah or Hajj, or Saudi Arabia for 90 days for business reasons or investment. Israeli Interior Ministry statement said that for business Visitors to Saudi Arabia will have to make all arrangements to enter Riyadh, and it is important that they receive an invitation from Saudi government agencies for this.

The statement said travelers, despite Israeli permission, Saudi Arabia will be required to travel to. Israeli citizens, especially there Previously, Arabs living in Saudi Arabia were allowed to travel to Saudi Arabia but did not receive a formal official permit. Earlier, the people of Israel used to travel to Saudi Arabia via a third country, especially Jordan, but now they can go directly to Saudi Arabia. No statement has been issued by Saudi Arabia regarding policy changes. But in recent times, relations between the Arab states and Israel have seen a lot of improvement in the past. Israel has Jordan and Egypt have peace agreements, but because of the illegal occupation of Palestine, their relations with the Muslim world, especially with the Arab countries. Agreements could not be made.