Florida Checklist: Things To Put In Your Beach Bucket List

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There is something about summer that brings life out of us. Isn’t it?

Now that the winter is over, those sun-filled days are again with us. And what does that mean? It means that summer fun activities are just around the next corner.

When the summer comes, there is one activity people like to do the most – visiting beaches. Beaches become the most popular place in summer, especially when you are living in Florida.

Florida is nicknamed as ‘Sunshine City’ because of how majestic it looks during the summer. With beaches thousands of miles away, it is a haven during summer. Besides sunbathing and walking on the sandy beaches, Florida also has mesmerizing nightlife to offer.

If you are thinking of visiting a place this summer, and have never visited Florida, perhaps this is the best time.

Why Florida!

Florida is one of the most popular destinations to visit – and for a good reason. With sunny skies and summer that lasts from May to September, you will get more than enough time to enjoy and experience the tropical paradise.

When we think of Florida, the first things that come to our mind are colorful beaches and theme parks. But apart from these two, you can also enjoy funky festivals, succulent seafood, and nice weather.

Here are a few things that make visiting Florida during summer worth it.

Fantastic Weather

As we have already said, Florida has been nicknamed the ‘Sunshine State’. This is because of how lovely the weather can be during summer. During summer, you will always feel like you are being kissed by the sun when you are in Florida.

Don’t forget to pack your swimsuits, flip-flops, and sunglasses to complement the shiny weather.

Affordable Luxury Resorts & Hotels

Florida is full of different types of beaches. Each beach has something different to offer. To match with beach persona, hotels and resorts follow a certain theme that complements the beaches.

For instance, if you are visiting Madeira Beach, you will find palm tree-themed resorts and beaches at affordable prices.

Wild Side Of Florida

While summer might be the best time to spend on the sandy beaches, it is also the best time to enjoy the wilderness of Florida. For instance, summertime is the best time to see the nesting place of loggerhead sea turtles. 

In addition, places like Everglades National Park in Sanibel act like wildlife refuges. At the same time, it offers people the chance to biking and go hiking.

Open Roads

If you are an open road warrior and like to spend most of your time on wheels and road. Summertime is a mighty fun time to visit the Sunshine State.

Whether you would like to drive through the natural greenery or simply take a walk and explore the natural wild coasts, you will find plenty of places that will make you fall in love with Florida.

Ultimate Florida Beach Bucket Checklist

By now, we know Florida is a fantastic place to visit during summer. And who knows, you might have already decided to visit Florida this summer.

If that is the case, here is a billion-dollar question for you –

What are the things you need to pack for Florida?

Believe it or not, although Florida is called the Sunshine State of the USA, it is not hot all year. That means you need to prepare for what season you are visiting and pack your things accordingly.

While packing for Florida, there are a few things you need to consider no matter what season you are visiting. And the things we are talking about are proper sun protection and comfortable shoes.

That being said, let’s start with the list of things that you would need to have on your Florida Beach Bucket List.

1. Sunscreen Protection

No matter what you keep in that packing bucket, the first thing you need to add is sunscreen. Although no one will forget to add this to their checklist, we mentioned it here just to be safe. If you are visiting Florida, that means you will spend most of your time on beaches. This is where you will need sunscreen protection. If your skin is not protected enough, the sunrays are hot enough to cause sunburns and skin cancer.

2. Bug Spray

Beaches mean bugs!

No matter which beach you are talking about, all of them have bugs, especially when you are on beaches at late hours.

Beaches are infested with flies, sand flies, mosquitoes, and ticks. If you are not careful enough, they might infect you or your family members, which can result in bad memory.

Always carry bug spray to ensure you and your family are safe from experiencing such instances.

3. Beach Towel

Beach towels are important. And if possible try to bring more than what you need. While you spend your time on beaches, a beach towel can act as a multiple-purpose cloth.

It not only covers your skin and protects it from harmful sun rays but also helps you dry after a quick dip. So, ensure that you have a different towel for different purposes.

4. First Aid Kit

No, we are not saying that you will be injured while enjoying your day on the beach. However, it is important to prepare yourself for any shortcomings. Besides sunscreen, it is a good idea to be prepared for any small ailment you need. Now, this first aid kit can have some bandages, fever pills, stomach ache pills, and medicine for any minor wounds. These will be enough to give at least first aid treatment.

5. Beach Balls & Surf Toys

While you are on the beach, you will not only limit yourself to sunbathing and enjoying the ocean’s waves. After all, if you are there to do only these things, how will you spend your time on beaches once you are done with it.

This is where you will need beach balls and surfing toys. Beach is a great place to play with balls. At the same time, you can use the surfboard to ride the waves.

6. Ziplock Bags

Do not forget to pack some ziplock bags.

While on the beach, you can invest in waterproof bags to store most of your valuables and keep them safe from the water. However, that doesn’t mean you will not need Ziplock bags.

There are a few things that won’t fit in your waterproof bags and will need different bags to store. This is where you will find the Ziplock bags helpful.

7. Protective Sun Clothing

What most people do is that they simply wear swimsuits and visit the beaches. Well, if you are spending limited hours there, there is nothing wrong with that.

But if you are spending extended hours, you would need something to protect your and your family from the scorching sun rays.

To protect yourself from the sun when you are out of the water, keep a cloth that covers your entire body. This will not only help you dry but also act as a protective layer.

8. Water Resistance Speakers

While this might not be what you have expected of the list, but yes, carry a water resistance speaker. We are saying water resistance because, when you are on the beach, there is always a possibility of carrying it near water.

In case anything goes wrong, your speaker will be safe. Having a speaker where you can play your favorite music while lying under the sun will help you enjoy the moment to the fullest.

9. Safety Floaters

How can we forget about safety floaters?

If you are someone who does not know how to swim or have small family members who are yet to learn swimming, you need floaters to ensure they are safe.

Floaters are air-filled sacs that help you keep floating even if waves sway you to deeper water levels.

10. A Trash Bag

Finally, carry a trash bag!

Trash bags might be at the last of the list but are important to add to your Florida checklist. It is all okay to eat, drink and sleep on the beaches, but you need to ensure that you are not polluting the beaches.

Carry your trash bags and keep all your trash in the bag instead of throwing it here and there. This will ensure beaches remain clean without any additional effort.

Was That Helpful?

Creating a checklist for any tour is a hassle. Not because of the things you need to pack, but because if you miss out on anything, you might have to visit the place without it.

For instance, if you forget to carry waterproof protection for your camera, you will always be wary about your camera while taking photos along the coast.

Hence, we believe that having a checklist of things that are necessary while visiting Florida can help you enjoy your visit to the fullest.

While we have tried our best to incorporate everything on the list and added what we could, do recommend us if you find something missing or out of place. Our readers will be able to add them to their Florida Beach bucket List.