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Five ways DMCC approved auditors can improve your business

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By Kaleem Ullah

The Dubai Multi Commodities Center, or DMCC, has emerged as the world’s most desired destination for business. Situated in the heart of Dubai, the DMCC with its exclusive business-friendly incentives and premium lifestyle is the greatest attraction for every entrepreneur and multinational company. The DMCC itself encourages new businesses and strives to provide the best and most conducive business environment for owners and residents. During all this, the DMCC pays extra attention to ensure every business registered with the DMCC maintains transparent, legal, and fair business practices. The DMCC authorities leave no stone unturned in guaranteeing good and fair business operations for all. One of the many steps taken in this respect is the issuance of a detailed list by the DMCC which mentions DMCC approved auditors

The DMCC approved auditors are individuals and firms that have a good-to-go certificate from DMCC authorities to extend their accounting and auditing services to their clients. The DMCC approves auditors after a thorough check and test. Since there are countless new setups in the DMCC too, a common question asked is why an enterprise needs an auditor at all. This blog highlights the top five ways in which a DMCC approved auditor can boost your business.

Understand Financial Conditions

A prerequisite to creating business growth and success strategy is to understand the current situation. The DMCC approved auditors excel at doing just that. They have the uncanny ability to seamlessly understand the current business practices. They do so by looking at previous financial transactions and reviewing current financial details. This allows DMCC approved auditors to better understand where the business stands right now. This practice is especially useful for chalking out plans and formulating strategies.

Streamline Business Activities

Businesses that perform regular audits are proven to perform better than those which do not. This is because an audit provides a detailed, transparent report of how the company is doing, its loopholes, and how, and in which areas improvements are needed.

Since the DMCC has its focuses and special industries, the DMCC approved auditors specialize in information and skill to provide the best consultancy and guidance to boost those businesses. These auditors help align business operations and ensure the company runs smoothly without hitches and glitches.

Perform Regular Audits

Audits are a great way of literally and figuratively scanning a business to check its overall performance. An audit analyzes how the business has been doing overall, checks a certain department for issues, and identifies any discrepancies that may have occurred. Audits and bank reconciliations are also beneficial for clearing out any mismatched or missed information.

Dmcc approved auditors

The DMCC approved auditors are specialized people who have been endorsed for their auditing skills. They are pro at performing internal audits, external audits, forensic audits, and more as per the company’s requirements and financial circumstances. The DMCC approved auditors can extend their services for the smooth running of the company.

Identify Discrepancies

Financial health and monetary profits are the core goal of every business, let they be sales-related or service providers. Any inconsistency can cost heavily to the enterprise, not to mention the loss of financial, tangible, and intangible assets that come along. DMCC approved auditors conduct audits that help identify any loopholes in financial transactions done by the company. These may be human errors, missing entries, or greater and more serious issues such as corruption or fraud.

DMCC approved auditors not only conduct audits but by identify financial irregularities, expose the black sheep that may be causing damage to a company’s assets and reputation.

Plan Effective Strategies

Auditors do not just perform audits and checks. They are also entrusted with the rather critical task of planning for their clients. Auditors have the responsibility of devising plans and strategies that can boost a business and kickstart its journey of success. The DMCC approved auditors have exclusive abilities to suggest growth models and strategies that best prepare a company for the DMCC business market.

The DMCC approved auditors are well aware of how businesses work and operate in the area and thus suggest relevant strategies.


Audits are an essential process for businesses. The DMCC lays special stress on appointing DMCC approved auditors for the procedure since they are screened by the DMCC authorities and are aware of the exclusive DMCC business environment. BS Auditing of Accounts has a team of expert DMCC approved auditors proficient at audits of all types and levels.