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Five Budget-Friendly Ideas to Decorate Your Hallway

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Everyone deserves a house that they can call ‘Home’! Let me break it to you, building your dream home doesn’t require spending your fortune. It can be achieved on a budget.

Whether your house is a small condo, an apartment, or a townhouse, it can become your dream home if you style it as per your taste. Let us begin with the hallway. As the name suggests, it is practically a pathway into your home and mirrors your character and taste.

From painting the hallway to converting it into a photo gallery, you can do anything and everything you think of to make it welcoming. Do you want some inspiration for decorating your hallway? Check out these five clever ideas that’ll make your hallway stunning without breaking your bank balance.

Paint the Wall

Hallways are generally small and narrow spaces, so adding a pop of colour is a great idea. You can turn your hallway wall into a feature wall by painting it red (don’t take it literally, you don’t have to be extravagant if you don’t want to be. Just go with the colour of your choice). A dash of colour can enliven the space. It’ll add a warm glow that conjures up the feeling of home and contentment. For best results use Taubmans paint for interior walls. They’re hard-wearing and come in a variety of colours.

Use Wall Paper

If you don’t have the time for wall painting DIY project or if you’re not the ‘creative type’, don’t worry, wallpaper is your second-best option. Deck your halls with stripes, bricks, wood panels or bold patterns. Modern wallpapers can give you the look of a brick wall or a panelled wall for a lot less.

Create a Photo Gallery

Bare walls are begging for art pieces and photographs. I am not kidding, imagine a dull white wall and then imagine that wall decked with photos of you and your family from your vacation in Europe. Beyond just photos, you can display trinkets and meaningful momentos. Want more? Enhance it with signage that glows in the dark or frame prints.

Make it Parisian

White walls and light wood floors are the epitome of the Parisian interior. You can infuse French charm by adding a checkered runner, bloom-filled vase, and framed art.

Add Flowers and Fragrance

Having plenty of natural light in the hallway signifies a warm and happy home. If your hallway merely receives sunlight due to the direction of your interior, you can add plants and flowers to enliven the space. You can put a flower vase on the side table and bring fresh flowers every other day to make the space beautiful and fresh at the same time. If you’re a fan of fragrances, you can bring home candles, air fresheners, and aroma diffuser to enjoy the lingering smell of vanilla and patchouli as you walk past the hallway.