Features and Functions of Magnetic Stirrers

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Also known as magnetic stir plates, a magnetic stirrer is a small bar magnet with a rotating magnet stand. It has a plastic cover and a rotating magnet plate, which stirs the mixture of interest with an external magnetic field’s help. In most cases, this device is used in chemistry and biology experiments.

The setup process is done as follows; take a beaker or a flask and place it on a deck. Place the stir bar in the liquid and start the device. The rotating magnetic bar in the machine makes the stirring bar rotate and stir the liquid.

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The advantages of using magnet stirrers over mechanical stirrers are that they are more quiet, durable, and efficient. Also, while using magnet stirrers, no substance apart from the stir bar comes into contact with the liquid or beaker. However, it is advisable to handle the stir rod with care to avoid breakage since it’s coated with plastic.

These devices use different variables of speed according to the liquid viscosity. The apparatus works slower with a thick suspension as opposed to a lighter mixture. Therefore, it is necessary to use a gentle stir rather than a vigorous stir to avoid damaging the cells.

Functions and advantages of a magnet stirrer

  • They are used to mix solids or liquids, and this makes the laboratory work easier.
  • They reduce the chances of contamination since the stirring bar is the one that comes into contact with the solution.
  • They are easy to operate and have many options to choose from, such as air-driven and battery-powered magnetic stirrers.
  • They have an LED digital display for better reading and setting.
  • The magnetic stirrer has a hot surface warning that prevents the user from burns.
  • The glass-ceramic is made of high-quality material that is chemical resistant and has a thermal shock ability.
  • The device has temperature control ability done by digital wheels.