Facts to know about lightsabers

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Lightsabers are the weapons of Jedi knight. This is an elegant weapon. This weapon has been used for a more civilized time. This is an efficient weapon that is efficient in limb removal in the galaxy. You might need to know facts about lightsabers. Some important facts to know about lightsabers are listed below.

These are created by the Dark Side.

Forecesaber was the first lightsaber. This is essentially created by the dark side. This has enough side energy in the blade with the alchemy and crystals. The early Jedi is known for making the first lightsabers to use this weapon.

Lightsabers of different colours are available.

People are always interested in knowing the colours of a lightsaber. It is to be mentioned that lightsabers can be in several colours. The blade’s colour depends on the crystal used to focus on the energy. Sith and Jedi used to use any colour of the lightsaber. However, the Sith used to use red colour. Later on, Jedi used to use blue and green colours exclusively. Neopixel lightsaber is a famous type of lightsaber.

You can also get black lightsabers.

There is one black bladed lightsaber. It is known as a Darksaber. This is a well-known ancient weapon that Jedi had stolen from the Madalores. This is black. So this shows that lightsabers are also present in black colour.

Blue lightsabers are switched with green lightsabers.

The blue blade of the lightsaber was difficult to see during the fight scenario at the Sarlacc, and it was lost in the blue sky. So Lucas switched the blue blade with the green light to make it more visible.

It was illegal to keep lightsabers during the Empire

It is to be mentioned that during the Empire, it was illegal to keep lightsabers. It was illegal for a person to keep a lightsaber in the Empire, and it was considered a crime.

Lightsabers cannot go through certain materials.

Lightsabers are known for cutting the limbs of rivals. However, there are some materials through which lightsabers cannot pass. Cortosis is a popular material. Moreover, some other creatures, such as lava dragons, have tough skins resistant to lightsabers.

Different techniques are used by cutting off limbs with lightsabers.

People use a lightsaber to cut one’s hand in a fight. This technique is called Cho Mai. Cho Mak is another technique that is used. This is a technique when you cut a more substantial part of the limb of your rival. Cho Sun is a term that is used to cut the wielding weapon appendage of your rival. Mou Kei is the situation when you cut a few limbs off your rival. These are certain terms that are used when talking about fighting with lightsabers.

These are some of the most significant things you need to know about lightsabers. Lightsabers have been used as efficient fighting weapons. Therefore, empires have been using lightsabers as the most efficient weapon for fighting. Different colours of lightsabers have different energies.